Stories tagged “earth”

  • Roman Candles

    It was a falling dream, only he was falling away from the Earth, his cozy campsite and the surrounding forest rushing away with incredible velocity. Rivulets of light sprang from his flailing limbs, swamp gas green. The moonlight glazed river twisted s...

    • Author: zxvasdf
    • Posted almost 9 years ago.
  • The Ojibwe

    Vomit spread out from the kneeling form of Noah like a surrealist painting. The fire had gone to embers, and the wind was cold in his sweat soaked hair and clothes. Christ! What was that? A noise from the forest line startled him. A man emerged. Vomit ...

    • Author: zxvasdf
    • Posted almost 9 years ago.
  • Seeing Without Viewing

    She slipped her hand into her front pocket and pulled out a pencil. “If there is anyone back there,” she began to calculate, “I shouldn’t stop to check it out” She let the pencil fall through her fingers to the ground; it was the perfect cove...

  • The Third World

    They were in utter disarray when we arrived. They were a primitive, fragmented people, bickering between themselves over land or some other resource, sometimes even fighting over differing abstract ideologies. Their technologies were primitive as well....

    • Author: BARomero
    • Posted over 8 years ago.
  • Child of the Heavens

    Now after time had past, the Sun and Moon became dissatisfied with emptiness, that ever present lack surrounding them. No more was joy amidst the garden bright, no pleasure gotten from the shining stars. The sorrow spun around the lovers both, and both...

    • Author: memento
    • Posted over 7 years ago.
  • Growing Up In The Universe

    A man sat in a small, dimly-lit office, surrounded by computer screens, server racks, and empty pizza boxes. He hadn’t shaved in three days. The design on his t-shirt was a drawing of a galaxy with the words “you are here” underneath....

    • Author: kyle90
    • Posted over 7 years ago.
    • 5 out of 5
  • Sorry, We Didn't Mean To Drop That Onto Your Planet

    The impact flattened a thousand acres of Northern Ontario forest and was heard 200 km away. But the cause of the event was no meteorite. It was a cylinder, about two meters long, reflective with a reddish tint. Someone dubbed it the “Unidentified...

    • Author: kyle90
    • Posted almost 7 years ago.
  • The Deskjob From Hell

    The silk shirt slid easily under his tailored jacket. His hand reflexively touched his silk tie then came to rest on his lap. He didn’t want to be here. The once calming desktop landscape of a stapler, tape dispenser and telephone no longer made ...

  • Weapons Training Guide

    I am the daughter of a society on Mars. We live in isolation, fighting our way out of this dark hole, void of Earth’s poetic technology, such as firepower based on philosophy and metaphysics. Starships sail near. When we see them in space, we sen...

    • Author: 32 ^2
    • Posted over 6 years ago.
  • Jungle Jane Junior

    I got the call on my radio at 6AM. I dressed with speed, praying the Jeep would run. Working in isolation from society was nice most days, but not when I was the only civilized one, a daughter of Jane Goodall. There is no room for fear when approaching...

  • Life! Beauty! The Suburbs! - Pt. 1

    No one has lived in the suburbs for years. My father always passed down the stories his father told him. His father always promised that one day, he bring my dad back down there, he’d show him his old home and where he and his friends would play....

    • Author: soup
    • Posted over 6 years ago.
  • Origin

    “Scanning bio signature.” A man in the distance shone a light in the diver’s face. “Hello? Who are you?” He tried to block the light coming at him with his hand. “How did you get down here? I thought I was supposed ...

  • 3. The Origins of the Genders

    Mars is said to be where men come from; Venus, where women come from. I don’t know where the others are supposed to come from. People refer to men and women all the time, but nobody will say where I was born or why. Nobody can hear me. Nobody se...

  • Five Stages

    “Earth to Brian.” It’s so beautiful here. I lie on the red sand and stare at stars winking in shared amusement. They sparkle in a sky clear of pollution or any other contaminants. “You aren’t even listening.” All the water is frozen. It spa...

  • 17. Conclusion: My Dark Campfire

    I PILOT my FEAR from EARTH to MARS, I hurtle through SPACE at the SPEED of LIGHT SOCIETY may CALL to me from afar; But I RUN through DARKNESS in my fright. I’ll never calm my DAUGHTER’s FEARS, Or take PRIDE in her laughter at a COMEDY show....

  • Earth Wants Revenge

    The Earth doesn’t let us beat it anymore. Another chop to a root and a branch sacrifices itself to fall onto your sister. Another plastic bag tossed into its ocean blue and a wave of a hand reaches out onto shore to drag your father in and turn h...

  • Of Earth and Not and More

    The sun was setting, redder than a peach, leaving red streaks so languid & sinewy across the sky. Night was coming. Emerging from his cabin as if drawn by mating calls of wolves, sex dreams, or fairies, he followed the path from his porch to his co...

    • Author: Escapist
    • Posted about 6 years ago.
    • 5 out of 5
  • I Wonder Where She Goes

    You know, I just wonder where she goes. Everybody has places to go, but it’s different with her. I’m just lounging around and I’ll see her fumble down the stairs with a bag full of who knows what and she’ll zoom out the door. I&...

  • The Gods Are Restless

    There was once many worlds. One world decided it wanted to be One. First, they built Elemental Machines, then they buried the universe’s Four Natural Gods on Earth. Earth is like Australia, an island for prisoners. Here, the Naturals are buried a...

    • Author: 32 ^2
    • Posted about 6 years ago.
    • 5 out of 5
  • Timeless as the Elements

    “Martin, how’d you get so…weird?” Martin gave her a playful look and wiped the mud from his cheek with his shirtsleeve, “I’m sure I have no idea what you mean.” “Pffft,” she scoffed, “Come on....

    • Author: THX 0477
    • Posted about 6 years ago.
    • 5 out of 5
  • Ascension: Insurgence

    Giant excavators crept slowly above, churning through the frigid regolith, as the conspiritors met deep beneath the surface. “What you are suggesting, Cera”, said Ikal, “is mutiny. This satellite is still, technically, a military outp...

    • Author: JonB
    • Posted about 6 years ago.
    • 5 out of 5