Stories tagged “indecision”

  • Not A Nice Thing To Do To A Heart

    You need me I need you But you were the one that said we were through It wasn’t me It was all you Didn’t want to think things through You left me for Her Said she was divine But suddenly you won’t even give her the time Make up your mind You’...

    • Author: Lone Writer
    • Posted over 10 years ago.
    • 5 out of 5
  • Devon's Got A Girl

    I leaned on the wall by the bike rack, searching through the crowd for Kalyla; hoping that she didn’t forget me. I heard someone call my name and I turned around. “Hi,” She waved, wheeling her bike towards me. “You waited.”...

    • Author: Lone Writer
    • Posted over 10 years ago.
    • 5 out of 5
  • Riveted, Barely Breathing

    It was the head tilt. His head was looking down at her and tilted slightly to the right. He was going to kiss her. You could see his desire smoldering behind his lips even though you couldn’t see his eyes or hear what he whispered. But she stood ...

  • Fulcrum

    Blade stared at him. I looked on, my eyes darting from Joe to Blade, to Blade’s gang, and back again. Joe was gambling, I knew. At any moment, one of them might simply think, “fuck you”, make a stupid move, and sooner or later, people...

  • The Rose of Tears

    The Rose of Tears Is coming for you Can’t you hear the dripping sound? The Rose of Tears Its coming for you It bids you turn around The petals are colored with depression The stem is thorned regret The leaves are beckoning to you A dark and dead...

  • Command Decisions Or Why Sometimes It's Good to Be Quiet

    The cheers rang out, and the assorted host congratulated one another heartily for their determination and collected moxie. Prince Therod especially beamed with self-adulatory pleasure. A slim hand of text exerted itself from the mass, followed by a tin...

    • Author: THX 0477
    • Posted over 8 years ago.
  • The Indecisive Villain

    In the Pit of Oblivion, the Chancellor said to the Underlord: “The Gray Invocation of the Spirit of Annihilation is all but ready. We only need gather some dragon bones, and…” “No, no, wait,” said the Underlord. “I h...

    • Author: Garsecg
    • Posted about 8 years ago.
    • 5 out of 5
  • The Process

    Waves crash down From parted seas Icy needles Against nerves Flowing over Virgin flesh Slowly splitting A spinning head Freezing heart Deeper into indecision Two voices In each ear Teardrops welling In two eyes Waves crash down From parted seas Grab ea...

    • Author: musicgirl
    • Posted about 7 years ago.
  • What I Like Today

    I have a crush on the coffee girl. It’s silly really, down to high school or even middle school levels of absurdity. I’ve never spoken to her. The extent of interaction is a smile hello as I pass by from time to time. She’s just cute,...

    • Author: THX 0477
    • Posted over 6 years ago.
    • 5 out of 5
  • Maybe halve the time

    You’re a frustrated man. Some thoughts are for keeps, and in the bulk of discarded and mistreated developments he found two distinct items. One, my sense of estrangement. Some vindictive instinct that for a very long time you pushed and later pus...

    • Author: Severian
    • Posted about 5 years ago.