Stories tagged “jealousy”

  • Don't Want to be Right

    Knew it The way she talked That you two Would become one I’m right I just didn’t want To see it I never do But what is the point In being right If I’m the lonely one Tonight I had my chance To be with you I let you go Now you’re the happy one S...

  • Pin Me Up, Write Me Down

    You’ve made a fool of me once but by God, I will never let it happen again. Your words I believed while only being decieved To your lies, I was blind But the truth I did find Your passionate love only a lie from above Your picture on my wall Wil...

  • Don't Know Art

    I couldn’t figure out how he made his sunsets look so good. I glanced at my canvas—my sunset looked like a rainbow, all bands. If looked away quickly, I could see borders between them, like a three-year-old would draw. Eight weeks of class ...

  • I Doth Bestow A Wee Bit of Competition (Milkshake Challenge)

    The Clopping Goat was busier than usual this late morn. Villagers roamed around outside waiting to get a table. My pub was emptied and I was quite furious. I stomped over and lurked outside the back alley of the establishment. An aproned woman elbowed ...

  • Jealousy leads to Hatred

    This school was too low for me. Everyone was below me in some way. And it seemed the only way they could express their jealousy was by making fun of me. I merely ignored all the kids making fun of me from the buses as they drove by me, who was walking ...

  • I Fell For a Player

    You ask me, sarcastically, if I’ll miss you when you go. I answer you, seriously, “More than you’ll ever know.” I guess that I’m falling hard for those sensitive brown eyes, and the tingle that runs through me when they lo...

    • Author: nesdil
    • Posted over 9 years ago.
    • 5 out of 5
  • Pleased to Meet You, Hope You Guess My Name

    Sometimes I really, really hated my brother. He’d cruise around town instigating little shallow plots between friends, lovers, neighbors. He took pleasure in giving someone a leg up, not because it helped them, but because it’d make the nex...

  • League of Me

    League of Awesome…LoF (Whatever that one means). I feel there needs to be one for me. One so private, only I could join. So I sat there. I pondered for hours. Then it hit me. The League of Me! It was so simple, yet so amazing. Everybody would be ...

  • A white wedding

    It was a wedding unlike any other. The bride wore white, with a shameless bouquet of blood-red roses. No one noticed that the groom was absent. She was too enchanting. Everywhere she moved, she carried a radiance like the hazy spread of sunlight. As sh...

    • Author: Coccinella
    • Posted over 9 years ago.
    • 5 out of 5
  • Envy (Challenge)

    Sara is a public speaker. John is really smart. Lisa has a pretty smile. Tom makes perfect art. Jordan can play soccer. Marie can really blow. Kyle can make an igloo out of twigs, canvas, and snow. Why can’t I do things like that? Why can’...

  • Seven Months After the First Day (Mature)

    Mia Schweisser sat down, her large teeth rapidly snapping her chewing gum, fingers running through her stragly wavy brown ponytail. “You didn’t hear it from me, but my ex is banging our English teacher,” she said matter-of-factly. ...

  • Mother's Little Helper (1)

    On a beautiful July day in 1966 four very beautiful women were spreading bitter ugliness. “She must wake up before the birds to get her hair that perfect,” Laura said, brushing away a strand of her blonde hair. “She couldn’t hav...

  • #73 Green with Envy

    I scratched at my skin and pulled out my hair, begging more than anything to look like her, to encompass every inch of her personality and make it my own, and then, maybe – maybe he would love me like I loved him, like he loved her.

  • Phone Call From My Sister

    “Can you believe it, Mom and Dad just bought me a new car!” …..

  • envy's living quarters

    The demon, the too-familiar one, who sits on your heart and nearly causes your smile to break when you say “I’m really happy for you.”

  • That Hollow Feeling

    I felt something break inside of me, and as I watched her walk away with another, I knew that all I had left were empty dreams.

    • Author: Robert Quick
    • Posted almost 9 years ago.
    • 4 out of 5
  • It Starts with Entitlement

    I hungered for Jessie and deserved her far more than loser Tim did- she would be mine one way or another.

  • Jealousy

    Jealousy is throbbing hurt in your chest, festering away, making you want to go out and hurt someone even worse because they have it better than you.

  • Green-Eyed Monster

    “Wow, it’s so awesome (I hate you so much) that you can do that thing (I will win, you can’t stop me) but you know, I did that last year (and I was SO much better at it than you) and it was no big deal.”

  • So hungry

    At the restaurant, we picked at our plates mechanically, glancing every once in awhile at the other’s meal, wondering who would give in and ask for a bite first.

    • Author: Jay
    • Posted almost 9 years ago.
  • Pulse, Faintly.

    At a glance, love seems so fair, A chivalrous king and passionate stare. Awaiting reality is like drowning – There’s no hunger. And no happiness. Existence is merely the crowning Of the opalescent pain, The multifaceted gem of wanting Craving, nee...

    • Author: Eve
    • Posted about 8 years ago.
    • 3 out of 5
  • Encore

    I know why they call it a stab of jealousy. Imagine an instantaneous strike of emotion centered in your chest, the impact enough to make you gasp. Then it diffuses and bleeds outward into the rest of your body. Clenched fists, vision tinted, a dark red...

    • Author: Jae
    • Posted almost 8 years ago.
    • 4 out of 5
  • Soup or Stew?

    I was put up here nearly a year ago. Now my lid was covered in dust. Looking down from the highest shelf above the kitchen stove, I had a great view out the window into the backyard. During the warmer months, I could see things cook on the barbecue and...

  • The Parable of Two Lonely Friends

    Two friends with lonely hearts sat at a bar, nursing away their misery. The older turned to the younger and said, “We’ve been alone for a long time and we’re miserable. We should do something about it.” That was nothing new, the...

  • Jhendayre, A Portrait Part 3

    The clothes had changed as much as the man. House Ahrimanes was present in colors but the expensive frippery had been exchanged for the traditional Eladrin battle garb of the Coronal Guard. A tight long-sleeved, dark blue undershirt was tucked into tai...