Stories tagged “kim”

  • Prime: Doer part (Mature)

    This is how fucked up i got. I knew I couldn’t help myself from defying liberty. It was my gratitude to him so I shared my single room flat and let him get my bed. I lived in the living room instead. He is the man who invented Kim. Kim! The total...

  • Quarte (Mature)

    My name is Kim. Kinetically Inert Model. I won’t do a thing. You will do all the fun. Use your fear, and shake them all apart, in me, you use me, use me and you’ll loose any fear could get you anywhere near it. Get it now? I was found by th...

  • Prime: Kim part

    poof! I SHRUNK. My ears ached. He called my name, “KIIIIIIIIEEEAAAM,” I oriented myself, but a rush of wind swept me off! I FLIPPED. My gut bled. I’ve just hit the tip of the knife.