Stories tagged “knife”

  • The Trees are Different Here

    Theodore sat deeply, silently, attentively within the old avocado tree, on a low, horizontal limb, ensconced by so many shades of green and brown and gray that all other colors were imaginary. Various, unseen atomies skittered beneath the floor of desi...

    • Author: E.W. Wetzell
    • Posted about 10 years ago.
    • 5 out of 5
  • Jesus is coming, look busy....

    “He’s coming,” said the voice. “Who?” I asked. “Jesus is coming,” said the voice. I chuckled. I should look busy, then? I laughed. That bumper sticker is awesome. “He can’t come back until your father lets him,” said the voice. “Y...

  • The One

    “I am the One you love, but do not recognize,” God said, appearing before him and taking his knife in Her gentle hands.

    • Author: NinjaChicken
    • Posted about 10 years ago.
    • 5 out of 5
  • Believe

    “Believe in Me, and I will show you,” She said, waving Her hand until all was black except for a glowing light that enveloped them both.

  • His Beating Heart

    God cuts out his still-beating heart and cups it in Her hands.

    • Author: NinjaChicken
    • Posted about 10 years ago.
    • 5 out of 5
  • A Newly Discovered Mortal Blood Drinker

    Elisia sat at the kitchen table in the dark, staring at the jar of deep red liquid illuminated by the moonlight shining through the window. She dare not move, for fear of stepping on the corpse that was somewhere on the floor. Her long, bony index fing...

    • Author: Elice
    • Posted about 10 years ago.
    • 5 out of 5
  • Under the Knife (Mature)

    Claire was thinking only of her wisdom teeth as she counted backward from ten and drifted off into anesthetic oblivion. She hadn’t had them out yet but if her friends were anything to go by then the money should be rolling in pretty soon after sh...

  • The Hotel Murder Case

    The cup was warm; a red lip stick mark was left on the rim of the cup. The bathroom light was left on, with the taps running. Two chairs facing the tip of the bed, a lit smoke lay next to one of the chairs. The bodies were found early today, time of de...

  • Victim of Hurt

    I stared sadly at the decrepit remains that laid on the table of the neighbor’s cat. They’d probably come around soon to everyone’s homes, asking where Fluffy went. Little would they know that he was still around, just in the basement...

  • The Butcher From Hell

    The man was running straight towards Amy. He was incredibly tall, somewhere around seven feet, and very muscular. She could see his teeth gritting as he continued to charge at her, a large butcher knife in his hand. Amy backed into the corner. She coul...

    • Author: Elice
    • Posted about 10 years ago.
  • Swimming

    Eric wobbled over to where Shawn stood. Shawn took removed a pocket knife from his jeans. and ran it across Erics hand, cutting deep into his palm. “Dude, what the hell?” Matt gave a confused look. “It’ll go quicker now,” ...

    • Author: Elice
    • Posted about 10 years ago.
  • Harden My Heart (Mature)

    A year after my dad and stepmom’s rants towards me I had hit rock bottom. My heart could hardly hold any more pain inside. I felt mad at my mother for leaving me with these two godawful people and hurt from all the things that Jan and Dad said to...

  • The Camp

    10 years ago, Bill and Jackie were taking their son, Atticus, to his first day of the 1st grade when the outbreak happened. Since the worst of the outbreak happened in military towns the Colby’s home town was not hit as hard, but never-the-less it wa...

    • Author: Rafekee
    • Posted almost 10 years ago.
  • A Life for Retribution

    I see the pulpit. It looks so much bigger than I remember. Varnished cedar dad always said as we perched in our pew on Sundays. Me in a corny straw hat and my best sunday clothes. Dad in his sunday finery. Over in the front pews on the right ‘t...

    • Author: Marli
    • Posted almost 10 years ago.
    • 4 out of 5
  • Nothing Special About Revenge

    Eyes glazed with a joy he hadn’t felt in years, Micah perused the selection. The trunk of Greasy Ed’s ‘77 Buick Skylark, primer orange and replete with rust, wasn’t the most glamorous of emporiums, but it had everything needed. ...

    • Author: THX 0477
    • Posted over 9 years ago.
  • Whiteout, 02

    Her Mom is on her cell to work so Kim’s sketching when the sleezebag walks in. A cop too, but cops aren’t all that – if you’ve got the uniform down you’re just doing variations on faces, so: boring. But a genuine done-time...

  • Ding, Dong, The Mirror's Dead.

    The knife glinted in the light, reflected perfectly in the mirror. It rose slowly, my right hand bringing it to me neck. I could almost feel the cold radiating from it. “It would be so easy,” the mirror me said. She smiled. Was it sympathy ...

  • The Knife

    The knife sat there, taunting him. Begging him to pick it up. It glistened in the kitchen lights, winking at him. He reached towards it, hand shaking. He didn’t want to, but it spoke so sweetly, teeth flashing in a wide smile. He stopped. He didn...

    • Author: Horrorfan13
    • Posted over 9 years ago.
    • 4 out of 5
  • The Gunslinger (Mature)

    She rested her back against the wall of the warehouse, as she watched in horror to the gun fire that had sparked. A young man had stepped out of a black Cadillac. In his hand he had held a semi hand gun. He looked around the warehouse, and noticed a sm...

  • Cut From the Team

    Ryan tried to roll away. Lee’s free hand darted out and grabbed a fistful of loose jersey, holding it tight. “Hold out your hand, or you will lose an eye. That is another punishment from where I come from. A punishment for those who are too...

  • Diamonds in the Night: Checkmate

    “Do you even know what your father has been up to?” Jacqueline inquired, sending a quick jab to Barbara’s ribs. She could tell she hit a sensitive spot by the way Barbara cried out when her fist connected. “Of course I do. You know our work in ...

    • Author: Seven
    • Posted almost 9 years ago.
    • 4 out of 5
  • Second Generation Berkowitz (Mature)

    “Looks like the blade broke off ’tween your ribs, boy. Sorry bout that.” “Tsk. I s’pose I owe you a new knife now, don’t I?" “Your mother’s got an electric, boy. Turkey carver. Don’t worry.” “So what’s Ma plannin’ on doin...

  • Pinned by the Past (Mature)

    Sometimes memories come out of nowhere. The past overwhelms the present. In a key moment, it can even change the future. Which is why my wrists are currently zip-tied behind my back. I was drunk when I did it the first time. It wasn’t for a job e...

  • Letter

    I hate you. Maybe hate’s a strong word for a person like me, but I won’t use any other. I am good at my job. Excellent, in fact. And you’re threatened by that. I understand. I’m better at our work. You might not ever consciously...

  • If Knives Were Toys And I A Child (Mature)

    There is pain in my stomach. It is nothing for one to fret over because it is only that subtle stomach ache that we occasionally get. What is not normal are the thoughts that I have whilst I experience these stomach pains. I think of knives, stabbing ...