Stories tagged “late”

  • Gates & Shadows

    She stood before the gates, looking up at the aged iron and hesitating to touch them. It was close to eleven o’clock at night, and here she was, standing outside the Diviny manor, cowering like a mouse before its yawning gates. It was safe to say...

  • Setting Hearts on Fire

    My mouth still tastes like cherries. Standing under too-bright lights in a gas station store so quiet I can hear them humming, my eyes slowly slide over countless, colorful packages of gum. My hand closes around the few rumpled bills in my pocket. Wast...

  • Left Behind

    There wasn’t enough room for me. I have just become a member and stumbled across the six word novels. The above is my rather belated attempt!

  • Tardy

    Marcus Billows paced back and forth several times, checking his pocket watch every eleventh step. He had ceased to read the time, but nerves forced his shaking hand to depress the button atop the silently ticking device and reveal the stolid numbers in...

  • Raincheck?

    I bit back the slue of questions I had for him. I didn’t want bombard him with tons of questions and worry when he was obviously hurting. I took his and and we walked to our class together. All three of us were silent until Jack had to turn a cor...

  • Half Past Three

    Hello, world. It’s 3:30 A.M., and it’s time for our show, “Half Past Three.” As always, I’m Alf Gardener. Today’s open-line night, so let’s have our first caller. Yes? Hi, Noreen. You’re in the air. What&...

    • Author: Abstract
    • Posted over 7 years ago.
  • Missing You (Part 1)

    The clock showed 1:59 am and Jane was sitting under the lamp preparing for the next day’s court battles. Eyes shore and hand cramping, the only thing keeping her from falling asleep where she sat was the thought of the defender’s crushed fa...

  • Missing You (Part 2)

    They started dating and soon fell in love. Things got a little strained when she went to law school while he back-packed through Europe. It wasn’t a lack of trust, it was the constant worry about him that caused the strain. After that dilemma, th...

  • There was sun

    I remember there was a breeze. I’m not sure if it was warm breeze on a cool day or a cool breeze on a warm day, but it was refreshing. It was nice. There was sun too. And clouds. The fluffy white clouds with the grey bottoms, just so you knew th...

    • Author: Ben Jarrell
    • Posted over 7 years ago.
    • 5 out of 5
  • Predictability

    Today would be like all the rest. The real mailman would drop off the mail at 8 am and we would organize that with all of the files. The real mailman was a 60 year old male that anyone would want as their grandpa. He had a round belly, but it wasn̵...

  • Un-Merry Christmas

    “Hi, honey,” he yells into the house. He peeks into the kitchen, expecting to see dinner waiting. Dark. His brow furrows in confusion. “Honey?” He walks back into the living room, searching. Then he feels searing pain and black...

    • Author: Horrorfan13
    • Posted about 7 years ago.
    • 5 out of 5
  • Today sucks

    You think your day was bad? You ain’t seen nothin’! Here’s what happened today. The power went out of my house which made my alarm clock not go off so I was 2 and a half hours late for work. My boss came and fired me as soon as I show...

    • Author: Steve Saylor
    • Posted almost 7 years ago.
    • 4 out of 5
  • The Beginning of the Night

    Both of her parents were out of town that weekend, so it startled her even worse when she heard an obknoxious noise coming from the room down the hall, especially at the late hour that it was. It sounded like the window had opened for the rain outside ...

  • Eleven O'Clock

    “Come in, come in,” Alan said impatiently to the quiet, measured knock-knock-knock at the door. He waved his hand in the air, gesturing, as the door opened. “Take a seat, we need to make this quick. My eleven o’clock just got mo...

    • Author: Scott
    • Posted over 6 years ago.
    • 4 out of 5
  • Three in the Morning

    It’s three in the morning. Yeah that’s when I think the most And yeah you have become my muse. All I want is you next to me. On the other side of the world, It’s way too far for you to be. You tell me good night And I tell you good m...

  • The Watch

    8:01 She was one minute late. The crick in his neck was acting up again. He strained it, rolling his head around his shoulders. He heard the door open, his head shot to the right to see who had entered. Not her. 8:15 The first half of his first cup of ...

  • All Meetings Have Been Erased (Mature)

    You make me late You’re so shapely My eyes knifed and ate A slice of your enticing cake and icing I can’t even wait I may take the whole day off just to taste The layers of your luscious love encased Within an internal expanding space My ph...

    • Author: Tad Winslow
    • Posted over 6 years ago.
    • 4 out of 5
  • Coffee With Passive Aggressiveness on the Side

    I arrived to work six minutes late, despite carrying my shoes and running from the bus stop to the office. I was acutely aware of the time because I had been accused of being late all month. Today would give them actual ammo. When I arrived at my cubic...

    • Author: Robert Quick
    • Posted almost 5 years ago.
    • 5 out of 5
  • In The Wrong Moment

    It’s late. Nobody knows where I am. My eyes drift this way and that, the focus shifting between the imperfections of the windshield and the infinitely distant stars. The immediacy and potential of the situation presses in upon me. The expanse of ...

    • Author: THX 0477
    • Posted almost 5 years ago.
    • 5 out of 5
  • Wild Honeycomb

    “Hajime! Wait up!” Akiko cried from a street behind. Hajime closed his eyes and quickened his pace. She had made a fool of him yesterday and he really didn’t feel like talking to her today. Or maybe ever. He had trusted her and she ha...

  • Who is My Neighbor? (Day 5) (Mature)

    This couldn’t be happening. I stared through the metal grate, desperately trying to find any sign of my keys- some small glint of light from where they had fallen or the square shape of the key chain I had earned by being a best man. Below the gr...

  • Alice

    An A.K.47 has nothing on Alice. Lithe and fluid as an élan agressive and dangerous as a tiger Assault on all mortals ( and animals) In her way. She hits the kitchen running and is Out the door in 10 minutes. Family fed ,school lunches done, Kids drop...

    • Author: JACK
    • Posted almost 4 years ago.
  • Summer is my Mother

    I want to plan. But I never leave on time. Thank god you didn’t make that promise. We’ll never plan, And you’ll always want to leave. Smelling the roses—doesn’t it mean anything? Or the apples or the leaves or the sunshin...

  • Dreaming Lately

    I’m late. I know I’m late. The gravel crunches under my boots as I turn another corner. If this place weren’t so monotonous I might have a clue where I was. Every path is dusty gravel or shoddily made sidewalks. Every building is plyw...

    • Author: THX 0477
    • Posted about 3 years ago.
    • 5 out of 5
  • The Ship is Sinking

    Don’t let me fault you for your lack of trying, For I am just as guilty as you. It’s not the fact that I am slowly dying, The truths beneath my fictions lying. I rest in a deathbed, built for you. Cobwebs and dust surround my quiet corner, ...

    • Author: Murj;
    • Posted over 2 years ago.