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  • Receipt

    Marcell grabbed the thin ribbon of paper, scanning over the return message that had been detected. OUR THANKS BUT UNABLE TO COMPLY. FUEL CONSTRAINTS FORCE CURRENT COURSE TO A CENT GATHERING INTERSTELLAR HYDROGEN FOR TURNAROUND, NOT ENOUGH TO FORCE COUR...

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  • Mail

    Coded transmission towards relative heading: RA 14 h 39 m 36.4951 s / Dec -60° 50′ 02.308″ Begin transmission: 2114 Hrs 03-31-34 LE Transmission series: SLLL S LS L SS LLL LS SLSLSL / SSS LSLS SL L L S SLS S LSS / LSLS LLL SLSS LLL LS SS S SSS / L...

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  • Thirty Years of History in Sixty Seconds

    The Lunar United Colony Youth had banked on Mars becoming the next cradle for mankind after the Earth had spontaneously become an asteroid belt. Stealing as many supplies as they could get away with, they had chartered a wealthy aristocrat’s spac...

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  • Progress

    “So what’s the story?” Bethony Sommern asked. “Huh?” “About Jupiter.” “Oh.” Haskell shifted in his seat. “The Lán Tàiyáng is meeting with apparent success. The Fāxiàn Gǒu and the Tiěqu

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  • Regards & Regrets

    Captain’s Log, Ship’s Day 8452 We’ve received another missive from our friends back home. They’ve packed as much information into it as they could have, but it was still a very terse transmission. Apparently, there are stillR...

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  • A Saying Regarding Clouds

    From the observation window of Habitat Six, the red jewel of Mars was visible as a point of light unique in color among the rest of the bodies dotting the celestial sphere. No one had dared land on it ever since a chunk of northwestern Canada and Alask...

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  • Under the Crust

    “So tell me what I need to know,” Bethony started. The technician, in his blue helmet and white lab jumpsuit, passed her a tablet. “We think we have a way to restart Mars’ magnetosphere. Do you remember how on Old Earth that the...

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  • Tuesday Night

    The Martians came on a Tuesday evening, if I remember correctly. Yes, a Tuesday. That day always has a specific feel to it, doesn’t it? When the pods dropped I was sitting in my kitchen, scraping the last of a congealed mass of macaroni and chees...

  • Questions Within, Questions Without

    “Commander, are you alright?” the lilting voice came over the intercom, the now familiar Welsh accent adding that extra measure of concern. Miranda stretched her neck as much as she could to each side within the suit, an outward attempt to ...

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  • Laika

    Miranda hated the suit, she couldn’t worry her nails. Her cuticles ached to be in her mouth, peeling away under her teeth. She stared out over the expanse and watched a tiny earth sink below the horizon. At the start, The Mission wasn’t fai...

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  • Who Said You Could Start Terraforming?

    You can imagine the excitement over the discovery: Microorganisms found in the soil near Columbia Base, Gusev crater, Mars. They sat just below the surface, waiting for the sun to warm up the thin layer of nightly frost to its sublimation point, at whi...

    • Author: kyle90
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  • Weapons Training Guide

    I am the daughter of a society on Mars. We live in isolation, fighting our way out of this dark hole, void of Earth’s poetic technology, such as firepower based on philosophy and metaphysics. Starships sail near. When we see them in space, we sen...

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    • Posted about 6 years ago.
  • Jungle Jane Junior

    I got the call on my radio at 6AM. I dressed with speed, praying the Jeep would run. Working in isolation from society was nice most days, but not when I was the only civilized one, a daughter of Jane Goodall. There is no room for fear when approaching...

  • 3. The Origins of the Genders

    Mars is said to be where men come from; Venus, where women come from. I don’t know where the others are supposed to come from. People refer to men and women all the time, but nobody will say where I was born or why. Nobody can hear me. Nobody se...

  • Five Stages

    “Earth to Brian.” It’s so beautiful here. I lie on the red sand and stare at stars winking in shared amusement. They sparkle in a sky clear of pollution or any other contaminants. “You aren’t even listening.” All the water is frozen. It spa...

  • 17. Conclusion: My Dark Campfire

    I PILOT my FEAR from EARTH to MARS, I hurtle through SPACE at the SPEED of LIGHT SOCIETY may CALL to me from afar; But I RUN through DARKNESS in my fright. I’ll never calm my DAUGHTER’s FEARS, Or take PRIDE in her laughter at a COMEDY show....

  • A Plot to Call My Own

    This piece of ground is mine. I have a file reference with GPS coordinates to prove it, digitally signed by the governor himself. I’ve saved for years for this moment. Living in shared dorms with other migrant workers who took the risk of coming ...

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