Stories tagged “monster”

  • In the pitch black darkness

    In the pitch black night, thunder cracked and lightning momentarily lit the sky. A small lantern swayed in the wind, illuminating a makeshift birthing place inside an old barn. Agathia strained again, screaming in agony. The cot was soaked with sweat a...

  • Something New

    There was something new down there… something we couldn’t explain, or express in the words we knew. “Something new” is also lacking in explanation. It was unrecognizable, undefined, inconceivable. It was completely, appallingly...

  • The Options

    Weeks passed and Jennifer’s condition declined. Mark took responsibility, since he had a record, until we could sort it all out. His arrest was quick. Sorting it out was the problem, though. Things in the basement are hard to comprehend, our opti...

  • No Superhero

    I am no superhero. Just a common man. I came all the way over here not for you… not for me. They told me to. I didn’t exactly volunteer. They told me I could go to two different places. Jail or here. I chose here. More sunlight here. A lot more. I ...

    • Author: Beastie
    • Posted about 10 years ago.
    • 3 out of 5
  • Should Have Brought Batteries

    “Come on, come on!” I muttered to my self as I started smacking the flashlight against the palm of my hand, “You can’t die on me now.” The dim light flickered and struggled but it stood no chance against the heavy velvet of th...

  • Birthday Party

    You always find yourself amidst conflict when you least expect it. Just when I was having the time of my life is when I found myself spinning in the dark, blindfolded. Eventually, the spinning stopped. I stood, dazed, with my weapon in hand, regaining ...

    • Author: Joseph
    • Posted almost 10 years ago.
    • 3 out of 5
  • 12:05 AM, The Horn

    Italian loafers, the kind with the flat square toe. Sneakers mostly during the lunch hour, a few dress shoes and office heels. On the weekends he spied sandals and was tempted to reach out, brush an ankle or a heel, but so far he had managed to resist....

  • A Waste of Good Research

    “So, you grew a bacterium to eat biowaste?” Dr. Martin nodded slowly. “Yes.” “And there were some problems?” He nodded again, sheepishly. “Yes.” Director Todd looked at the report Martin wrote an hour ago...

    • Author: TextMason
    • Posted almost 10 years ago.
    • 5 out of 5
  • Id

    July 4, 2009 Think of it, Baxter! If my calculations are correct, I shall soon be an entirely virtuous man! This wondrous device will purge me of my inner demons, and I’ll walk the earth an equal to Christ himself. To contain the beast, I have p...

  • The Liar

    Every time she lied it crept up on her and latched on with its needlepoint teeth. It was as if she lived over a swamp, the way her lies came out of the soggy ground. They were the size of teacups, flesh-colored and insidious. She lied about everything,...

  • Snack time

    Gornak paced around the cave impatiently. The others should have been back by now. His fur stood on end when he passed too closely to the cave entrance. The sunlight always bothered his kind. There was a stirring sound. One of the children had come awa...

  • There's something at the window

    There’s something at the window. You wake up in the middle of the night in your dark room with your eyes still closed. You can feel it looking at you. Why’d you fall asleep without drawing the blinds again? It wants you to know what it look...

    • Author: Jesse Blake
    • Posted almost 10 years ago.
    • 5 out of 5
  • Portrait of Robert Walton

    He stands at the helm, his arms holding unto the ropes as his face is lashed raw by the sub-zero winds. In the back of his mind he knows he might freeze to death, but he can barely feel the cold and he does not care. His eyes, tired and incredulous, fo...

    • Author: Mayra
    • Posted almost 10 years ago.
  • Monster (Mature)

    Eric continued to swim. His hand kept on bleeding, but he had too much alcohol in him to feel the pain. The farther he went, the more blood spread throughout the water.After a few more minutes, he turned toward the beach to see if his friends had joine...

    • Author: Elice
    • Posted almost 10 years ago.
    • 3 out of 5
  • Hiding Under the Covers... Whats the point?

    I was careful to close my closet door after my escape. The dim light in the corner of my room was probably enough to keep it away, but better safe than sorry. I crawled into bed, curled up under my sheets and I was about to nod off when I heard a small...

  • To My One True Love

    I’ll just open the damn thing and find out once and for all, Zach thought, taking a long drag from his cigarette, and then ramming it into the ashtray. If it’s John, he’s got something comin’, lemme tell you… The letter he...

    • Author: Jay
    • Posted almost 10 years ago.
    • 4 out of 5
  • The Doom That Really Came

    It was at that moment when the lightbulbs burst from above them. The lamps in the street went out, and it seemed even the stars forgot how to shine. The whole scene was as if a shadow descended on the town, extinguishing each and every source of illumi...

    • Author: J. Rein B.
    • Posted almost 10 years ago.
    • 5 out of 5
  • A Matter of Scale

    It roared, sending shockwaves rumbling through the air. Turning, it stomped its feet down hard as it lumbered over the forest, snapping trees like twigs. Gripped with fear, Mark began to run for cover as a giant foot stepped down out of the sky, intent...

    • Author: Match
    • Posted almost 10 years ago.
    • 5 out of 5
  • An Icy Fate

    The train was coming right for me. I was flying, floating around the moon, gasping for air without a care in the world, and a train was coming toward me. Jets of fire exploded behind it, green and blue streaks denting the sides of the cars in perfect i...

    • Author: Sam Ervin
    • Posted almost 10 years ago.
    • 5 out of 5
  • And so it begins.

    She’d said He needed adventure in his life. What fun could he possibly have if he spent all his time inside and alone? Not much. He naively followed her into the lands of mystery. After all, what could it hurt? A lot, it turns out. What a fool he...

    • Author: Silven
    • Posted almost 10 years ago.
    • 4 out of 5
  • The Beholder's Eyes

    The swarthy human with the dashing grin and golden blonde hair was talking agitatedly with a large floating monster. The monster had one enormous central eye, and a myriad of tentacle like stalks all ending in eyes. “Look, C’h’caaa, y...

    • Author: April Raines
    • Posted almost 10 years ago.
    • 5 out of 5
  • The Chosen

    C’h’caaa surveyed the beauty of each contestant. There were strength, intelligence, love, power, and so many other traits present, yet there was no clear answer. Each individual was beautiful in its own way… C’h’caaa turne...

  • They Came....

    They Came from the clouds one day. Many of the elders thought the end of the world came, but their worries were assuaged when They ignored us. They just walked about and bothered no one. They did not rain fire from the sky. They did not bring the fury ...

  • A.M.U. (Associated Monsters United)

    “Welcome, I’m glad you could all be in attendance. Now about this year’s halloween…it’s not good, yes count?” Count Acula, “I am dissapointed with how my people are being portrayed. I mean sparkly emo teenagers...