Stories tagged “oppression”

  • The Oppressed

    I faced my opponent, hands already up. Not in supplication or defiance. I had just scrubbed in, but I knew I was defeated. “Dammit, if we don’t perform this procedure, there’s a good chance that the girl will die!” “No, Do...

  • Staying in Silence

    When I woke up, there was silence. The apartment was quiet. It was only as I noticed the stillness in my home that I stretched out my senses beyond, listening further. No birds chirped outside my window. No cars honked angrily on the street. No trains ...

  • Freedom of Thought

    They were dreamers, dreamers who lived by their own hearts in a strange world. Unadulterated hearts that have not been seen by the One Percent and branded as ‘unfamiliar’, ’ unpredictable’ or ‘unsure’. Cameras follow...

    • Author: neinstein
    • Posted over 7 years ago.
    • 5 out of 5