Stories tagged “poverty”

  • This is it

    The chime rang throughout the room as he flipped the coin again. His last dollar. It landed on heads and he grinned: “Heh, Lady Luck don’t fail me now.” Giving the coin a kiss, he set it down on his mouse pad, in front of the last cup...

  • Poverty (Mature)

    Bad news, interviews, dripping wax, mending cracks, phone call, fuck it all.

  • A Shameful Cycle

    Write, write I think I might. Rant, rant You think I can’t? Ramble, ramble Life’s in shambles. Pain, pain To bed I’ve lain. More, more I’m but a whore. Working, working Bedroom lurking. Food, food Would fit my mood. None, none S...

  • Christmas Lights (Paranoid Android)

    Color seeped from the pitch black sky, as the frail figure on the path tightened her grip on her plastic bags. A wind whispered behind, brushing trees. Nothing but darkness now. Her breath stuck in her chest. The old lady stopped. Back in the slums, sh...

    • Author: airborne
    • Posted over 7 years ago.
    • 5 out of 5