Stories tagged “renaissance”

  • The Improbable Drunk

    “Come on! I’m not actually that drunk!” The decrepit specimen of a noble flew over the curb of the street as the bouncers to disreputable tavern threw him as far as any man could possibly fly without wings. Florence was quite a beauty...

  • Jester's Mark

    Onward and onward his wayward legs carried him, undoubtedly scared out of their mind by the fairly hefty guards who seemed to be following him. The man in the red and gold mask of the sun thought for a moment. He always got himself into these situation...

  • The Lymond Chronicles in Ten Words

    Francis Crawford – Lymond – is back. Poor Scotland. Poor Philippa. (If you haven’t read these books (and you love the Renaissance), you totally should! :D)

  • L'Aquila has Landed

    “Ut unus passus parvus pro viro, saltus gigans pro humanitate,” said Christopher as he bounded off the ladder and alit, the first human being on a celestial body that was not the Earth. “Palermo Control, I stand upon Luna; I repeat, I...

    • Author: derek balsam
    • Posted almost 8 years ago.
    • 5 out of 5
  • cold blood ballroom

    Evaline Etheridge swayed back and forth with her fiancee, a tall, dark haired man. His name was known widespread across the dark city of York, England-Alastair Vanderbilt. He was an earl from a rich family, and their marriage had been decided when Eval...

    • Author: Kasdeya
    • Posted over 6 years ago.