Stories tagged “rest”

  • Till Death Do Us Apart

    I never wanted this – I never wanted this – I never wanted this I did not wish upon this I did not want to see you hurt I did not want to see your heart ache I did not want to see your tears fall to the floor I wanted everything for you a...

  • Ginger: A Clean Start

    The washroom, like the pantry, was illuminated from above by natural sunlight. The ceiling was much higher though, giving the room a spacious, comfortable calm. In the center was the most bewildering thing: a small pond of sorts, looking more like it b...

  • Easy Travels, Rough Arrival

    “I can hear the voices when I’m dreaming, I can hear them say…” The tune rattled around Micah’s brain as he descended the steps of the Greyhound bus. Fourteen hours of idle sitting made itself known with every attempt at n...

    • Author: THX 0477
    • Posted over 9 years ago.
    • 5 out of 5
  • Heart

    This is my heart, u see it plain, will u help me, through the pain. Or cast me off like all the rest, if thats the way i go to rest. I hope your futures warm and bright, with someone to hold u through the night. It wont be me, im going now, to see just...

    • Author: Phoenixe
    • Posted almost 8 years ago.
  • Silk Starlight

    Lukewarm rain Is like unseen blood Dealt from unfelt pain Not even a tickle of hair Stirs in the soft stillness That fills up this air With sun beams and spiders Unreeling starlight in silk Fading from the ceiling Cascading like milk

    • Author: Tad Winslow
    • Posted over 7 years ago.
    • 5 out of 5
  • Time for A Rest

    My muscles screamed and my head began to pound. We had been walking for 45 minutes, but after the long hike yesterday and this morning as we had packed the SUV, I was beyond my physical limits.“Dan, can we rest?” He sighed and led us to the...

  • Feelings

    The more I thought about how to respond to him, the more questions I had. Does he want to know the truth, that I am fed up with this journey? Would he still love me if I wanted to call for a hero right now? Does he really care for my feelings? “I...