Stories tagged “robots”

  • A Lot Of Pickup

    The pursuit took the speeding Lotus out of sight of the flipped truck, and Lisa looked to the terrified man in the passenger seat. “Listen, I know you’re scared but it’ll be okay, we’re the good guys more or less. I need you to ...

    • Author: Cossy
    • Posted almost 8 years ago.
  • A Potential Potemkin

    Sera snorted. “I want you to know that if I end up singing ‘Jailhouse Rock’ in the impound yard, I’m blaming you.” “I’ll take that risk,” James said. “Look out! Traffic cams report automechs closing...


    The hills are alive With power seeking robots On a mission to wipe out independent thought Citizens are screaming Waving their hands in rythem To metal pounding feet, worried and distraught Songs are better when they rhyme But i didnt do it much this...

  • Only Human

    He walked in the rain down a dark street that had no street lamps. Drops pinged off his body in the moonlight. He scanned the area before turning down an empty alleyway. Past a dumpster, his feet thumping over the pavement, he saw a neon light which ha...

    • Author: Ben Adams
    • Posted over 7 years ago.
    • 4 out of 5
  • A Brave New World From The Last To The First

    “Keep ’em busy!” Sera exclaimed, but it was completely unnecessary as well as completely inaudible to her partner. Bolts of plasma were already hurtling toward the Marauder interceptors as Sera struggled with her own inertia to pull o...

    • Author: Cossy
    • Posted over 7 years ago.
  • With Role-Models Like These

    Andy and Mark sat at a coffee shop. Unique pottery cups, alike only in width and shallowness, sat in front of each of them, coffee untouched. It was best to keep up appearances. While their meeting could have taken place at a park or on a beach, neithe...

  • Lander's Rule

    I was sitting at the bar getting ready to head home for the night when the call came in. As an independent, when a call comes in, I take it. There is no such thing as “normal business working hours” in my line of work. “Hey Nick, what’s your av...

    • Author: Lainey Jane
    • Posted almost 7 years ago.
    • 4 out of 5
  • That Old Chestnut

    To my surprise, Green actually stops advancing. He seems to be considering the merits of allowing me to talk. I recalculate the odds of appealing to his reason and, to my satisfaction, find them slightly improved. “You’re a man of science, ...