Stories tagged “space”

  • Personal Space Pilot

    Space occupies my mind. I consider the distance between you and I. Leagues and years create an impassable chasm. Unable to find answers, my head is as good as empty. “Where do you think you’re going?” she rasps, hot whiskey-tinged bre...

    • Author: THX 0477
    • Posted about 6 years ago.
    • 4 out of 5

    Space hung like black infinity before Darren. As on every space walk, he gasped at the awesomeness of it. Behind him floated The Impetus, to which he was liberally tethered. At his feet spun the Earth, all blues and greens splattered with white. Watchi...

    • Author: awayken
    • Posted about 6 years ago.
    • 5 out of 5
  • 7. Cramped

    Space is limited here in the box. It reminds me of the other boxes I left behind. The bullies’ spaces, after dying. Like this glass compartment, a viewing booth of sorts, their boxes were sterile, clean. So were their bodies. The ichor I left beh...

  • Waking Up

    Growing old is a bitch. It’s the waking up. You wake up in parts, never jumping out of bed with all systems go. It’s more like a pull-start motor, including the noxious fumes. Yes, going to bed is also known as “retiring”, not a...

    • Author: 32 ^2
    • Posted about 6 years ago.
    • 5 out of 5
  • To Be Tugged

    Massive and hollow, Kraken tugged the ship, beckoning it down with lonely gravity. Albatross X remained diffidently aloft, soaring on graviton waves. Kraken yearned to be inhabited, stretched forth tract after track of land to be occupied. A crew weary...

    • Author: THX 0477
    • Posted about 6 years ago.
  • Pollywogs and Whales

    Captain Ferris scratched is ass with one hand and drank his coffee with the other. He’d just implemented his first order. Code, Man In Motion. With his crew in a state of healthy anxiety, they watched as their scientists ejected from the rib cage...

    • Author: 32 ^2
    • Posted about 6 years ago.
  • The Final Frontier

    “Space, the final frontier” The last unexplored territory left to the human race As if we have explored every other aspect Of the world beneath our feet But what of the deepest caverns within the misty mountains Or the darkest waters of the salty s...

  • 17. Conclusion: My Dark Campfire

    I PILOT my FEAR from EARTH to MARS, I hurtle through SPACE at the SPEED of LIGHT SOCIETY may CALL to me from afar; But I RUN through DARKNESS in my fright. I’ll never calm my DAUGHTER’s FEARS, Or take PRIDE in her laughter at a COMEDY show....

  • Blacken Up Yoursoul

    Last night, I cried at the thought of unconditional love, because—well, what a concept! Unconditional… What does it even mean? No hair ever in place, No string ever hanging from a sweater, No eyelashes lost without a special wish. No body t...

  • Life of a Space Gypsy

    Roxane’s cold, unblinking eyes stared through the cockpit window out into the vast emptiness of space. She sat still as death. Days passed and she did not move. Within her half-starved body, her heart beat just enough to squeeze a bit more blood ...

    • Author: PuniPuni
    • Posted over 5 years ago.
  • The Void's Driftwood

    The ship hung like a dead thing in space, devoid of any signs of life beyond the guttering glow of running lights that were in the process of losing power. It was anyone’s guess to how long the ship had been there, drifting in the void between wo...

  • Running Dark

    The first thing any smart pilot does when a proximity alert goes off is reduce speed to give themselves time to maneuver around whatever the obstacle happens to be. Some pilots even set up a trigger to automatically slow ship velocity as soon as a warn...

  • The date

    “My problem,” she said, “is that I am just not that interested in life. I am not a drama fan.” He listened. “I spend a lot time watching Sci-fi. Why be so interested in each other when there is all that space up there? I m...

    • Author: Lyra
    • Posted over 5 years ago.
    • 5 out of 5
  • Knock Knock

    Finding a usable entryway on a ship the size of a small city when your own ship is the size of an RV is deceptively difficult. Rachel’s ship was made to work nicely with all the existing docking standards, and a few esoteric choices as well. As a...

    • Author: Ford Dent
    • Posted over 5 years ago.
    • 5 out of 5
  • Pendulum

    The Stars used to look beautiful this time of night. I loved coming out here on my porch step with a hot cocoa to sit and just gaze at the sky, wondrous in all its glory, but it’s gone now. The stars, the Moon and even the Sun have been clouded by th...

  • For Rent- Small Space in the Back of My Mind

    This space will do nicely. It is a bit cramped in spots, but over here will work. Yes, I believe I will settle down right here and live for as long as I can. It may be the only way, but atleast we’ll be together in some capacity. Sometimes memori...