Stories tagged “sunny”

  • Borrowed Time

    She remembered the feeling of nauseous weightlessness as clearly as she recalled her non-existent measurement. Ice had clambered down her spine as she looked at her name. No line was drawn next to her stupid name. She had seen it clearly – there ...

  • Self Pity

    Her mother worked in a hospital. Her father ran the hospital. “Nurse Kirk’s daughter,” or “Dr. Kirk’s daughter” was all they said. It was never her name. It was something she was sometimes glad for. She tried not to ...

  • There was sun

    I remember there was a breeze. I’m not sure if it was warm breeze on a cool day or a cool breeze on a warm day, but it was refreshing. It was nice. There was sun too. And clouds. The fluffy white clouds with the grey bottoms, just so you knew th...

    • Author: Ben Jarrell
    • Posted about 10 years ago.
    • 5 out of 5