Stories tagged “wisdom”

  • The Love Of The Crime Series - The Beginning

    My father use to tell me to never forget the small things in life, you never know when it will drift away into the darkness. I had wasted many aimless nights sitting in a dark lit room, lighting up and drinking the last sips inside the bottle. It was o...

  • On Endless Paper Oceans

    My telephone was ringing A man was on the line And asked if I was feeling fine His sentences were stringing. He asked if I’d had notions Of diff’rent states of being He spoke about a land of seeing O’er endless paper oceans. He talked...

    • Author: Abstract
    • Posted over 8 years ago.
    • 5 out of 5
  • Independence of the Heart

    A continuing conversation filled the flame-scented air of the library. Overstuffed, paisley patterned armchairs dotted the room, but only two were treated to occupants. One was a young girl, eight years the junior of her male companion who was offering...

  • Words of Wisdom

    “I’m scared.” “Of what, dear?” Her deep, grandmotherly voice always soothes me. “…Losing. Losing myself? I don’t know. I don’t understand.” I bury my head in her sweater, confused and upset. S...

    • Author: Mackizme
    • Posted about 8 years ago.
  • A Man I Talked To

    I talked to a man He gave me advice He told me to see where I stand I was more than confused I talked to this man again He tried to be nice He told me he needed to see where he stands He seemed only slightly amused I saw this man today I approached him...

  • Lucky

    T’was an old man Whose life had rolled Counterclockwise— Leaving him young With all of his wisdom In place of having to face demise.

  • The Prince's Problem

    ~ Is a couple in the slums worthy of more admiration than a prince? …They having become Lord & Lady before he even acknowledges that he’s alone. ~ “My journey hasn’t been long but it’s taken me far from my kingdom. I b...

  • No Man is an Island (of Hate)

    Business concluded, the stranger bowed his thanks, took the case and left. Bree waited until the door slid shut before rounding on her partner. “I thought you hated outlanders.” Leon was still hunched over, punching costs into the computer....

    • Author: Robert Quick
    • Posted almost 6 years ago.
    • 5 out of 5
  • Narsit Caught in the Act

    Narsit had the Stone. He swiftly scampered back to the cave entrance, past the columns, and darting around the fallen monolith. His heart was moving at least as quickly as his feet. Unfortunately, the guard who had been just outside when he had grabbed...