WANTED: teenage girl, last seen in Texas. she is a known writer of (dark) short fiction, bad poetry, and occasional plays. she is normally found near a computer or at school, and always has a notebook nearby. she is around five and one-third feet tall, with dark blonde hair and blueish-grey eyes. she smiles often, though the happiness rarely reaches her eyes, and enjoys describing things in ways nobody but her would ever think of. she gains true joy from writing stories and playing her clarinet, and she loathes cleaning with a passion.
if you see her, give her a hug. you never know how much one might be needed.

disclaimer: despite popular opinion, the author is NOT a mad purple hen who enjoys throwing dungbombs at doorways and squawking loudly in the wee hours o’ de mornin’. she also does not have a scottish accent, although from time to time she may affect a barely-passable british one.

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