Charlie K

Charlie K was a single celled organism who had grown on the side of a test tube in an alchemist’s laboratory. His life was a simple one, and Charlie was not happy with it at all.
One day the Sultan summoned the famous alchemist Yakuul Kon-Zizzi.
“Zizzi You have spent fifty years and a ton of gold trying to create the elixer of life. Either you will produce it today or you will be executed.”
Zizzi had no fear because back at the lab, the elixer was complete, waiting to be tested.
What the alchemist did not take into account was the will of the single celled organism that would be later known as Charlie k.
The three microns Charlie had to cross to reach the elixer seemed like hundreds of miles.
Later that evening when the sultan was removing the head of the alchemist, a young boy only one day old felt no regret that the alchemist had to die, because with the help of the philosopher’s stone, Charlie k was born.

Thanks to Mighty Joe Young for writing this!

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