Dee Kyoo

I’m Dee Kyoo; I’m more of a poet (No matter how much I fail at it) then a writer, but I have a bad knack of making characters… that never really seem to pop up in poetry. Or rather I feel they shouldn’t, to be precise.

My writings are not quiet up to standards- in fact, they are inferior to most. But I enjoy writing them- because if I don’t, I’d just forget. Forgetting is one thing I tend to do a lot, so you’ll have to forgive me on that one!

I’m really not one to talk, because I also have a knack of not realizing how I need to get involved into a community. However, I really like to talk- I’m one of those people who talk about the weather and news… I really doubt you’d want me to talk about anything else.

So! Anyway, nice to blabber about myself for a couple of paragraphs.
What a modesty of a biography this is, if I do say so myself!
(And I’ll stop with the exclamation marks, and the speaking that does not suit this modern life.)

P.S. My icon came from the photographer, eibhilinnn, on deviantart :)

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