I’ve been a fan of reading books since childhood, and dreamed of writing them myself just as long. I’ve always had a rich, fertile, overactive imagination, though in recent years it has stagnated somewhat. I tried and failed multiple times to start stories that I hoped would “lead me to the big-time.” I’ve realized since then that trying to do such was unrealistic at best.
Anyway, my writing skills have rusted a fair bit since I last got a lot of use out of them, around my high school years. I’ve been trying to pick writing up again, now mostly just to keep the dream-filled fields of my mind satiated. I found this site through I’ve been part of things like this before, the one I last took a large a part in being one of AOL’s personal message boards in the mid-to-late 90’s. There was one like this there that I was on frequently. I hope to be an active participant here, so please bide with me as I shake the dust off. Also, if I’m stepping on any toes, please say so. Anywho, salutations!

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