Ginormous Cranium

It all happened with a loud, ear-piercing, blood-curdling, BOOM. That boom was when I, Ginormous Cranium, fell from the sky, cradled by a soft, white, cloud, gently placed on the dewy grass. I was a normal-sized creature, with tiny frail fingers, a supple, soft, diminutive body. I opened my brown eyes, framed with long, thick black lashes, seeing the new world around me.

Okay, I know that this isn’t true. But I’m a writer. My life has to be interesting. Might as well make it. :) If all was my way, you’d be living in a WAY cooler world. I absoulutely adore fanticizing/dreaming. Without a dream, there’s no reason to live. Picture things the way you want to. Capture the photograph with the click of the camera. Edit the photo. Make it to your liking. I’m a hopeless romantic, as well. Great, a dreamer AND a hopeless romantic? That’s just a great combination, I think. But, sometimes we all have to face reality. The cruel and horrifying truths. Like… no love at first sight? That’s plain old B.S. :) See ya. <333

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