Jenni Summers

Here are my series’. Some I started a while ago but I wish to continue with them. I hope you enjoy them.Stay tuned! – Daughter of God – In the Shadows of Men – Doomsday – Email

ATTENTION: I am now officially a Twilight convert! TEAM EDWARD!

I am now in love with Taylor Swift! Can’t stop listening to her music!

Hey. I’m Jenni. I’m a college student, studying AS French, AS History (tudors), AS Sociology, AS Health and Social Care and AS General Studies. I wanted to take Creative Writing as a complimentary course but it clashed with my other subjects! So here I am, having fun doing what I love. Well most of it. Becasue I love singing most of all, but I’m usually singing anyway! I am also the ultimate bookworm. Let me know if you want to do a series! Eeeeeeeee! Over and Out!

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