I’m a struggling grad student slash playwright, who spends the occasional Friday afternoon doing streetside performance art. I write because I have to, not because I want to.

I say “Howdy” instead of “Hello” and “Toodles” instead of “Goodbye.”

I really like hats. I own several. I even ended up in somebody’s will as the recipient of all of their hats when they die.

I’m learning to juggle and play the ukulele, but not at he same time.

I wear two rings on my right hand, one is my Eagle Scout Ring, the other is a puzzle ring with a story I’m not likely to tell you. I own neither a high school or college ring despite having earned both.

I like Dr Pepper. Notice the lack of period after the Dr; it is intentional.

I once wrote and drew a webcomic, but I stopped it many moons ago.

I prefer to hand-write everything instead of using a word processor. I use a black Bic round stic pen.

I own an 18 foot long scarf.

Follow me on twitter with the same handle I use for this site. Or don’t. I really don’t care.

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