Growing up I have always found time to write stories, mostly fiction and fantasy. Occasionally, I would find myself writing about an experience of mine (which has led to me keeping a diary, for lack of a better term, filled with one liners, quotes, secrets, entries, doodles, and sketches) through the eyes of another or creating characters with values and desires I have or wish to have. Because writing is boundless I am able to explore all of these areas, whether they be on the surface or hidden away in the darkest recesses of my mind. To be limitless is the ultimate appeal of the written word. However, as I’ve gotten older, my time is divided up between duties, higher education, “growing up,” striving to be self-actualized, etc. leaving very little time for writing. Being almost 19 years old, I have decided to finally take charge and change this fact. Not only will I contribute to Ficly daily, but I am also starting a project at home: 501 Writing Prompts where I try to complete each one thoroughly.

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