If you read any of my submissions, and find yourself loathing it for reasons you can’t seem to articulate, please send a note. I KNOW THAT FEEL.

Love Tv Tropes, has a Goodreads and MAL account (and a number of other accounts I use to lurk and not contribute positively to). Now has a Tumblr to connect all these together. Still not getting a Facebook.

Icon is from Plants vs. Zombies. Pen name’s for Op.6-1 in F# Minor, listened to it while signing up. I’m F/15/WA. for anyone who cares. Go rain!

I suppose I’m using semi-colons more than before. On my tumblr is a bunch of links and an Interactive Fiction Text Adventure! Was going to make a game, but I really don’t know what bits to use and cut off.

Some would say that a lot of my entries are missing a point/plot. I would agree, but I’m trying to move away from the gimmicky feel of my longer projects.

I lied about not lurking around. I’d miss out on the interesting challenges, after all.
That’s about it, folks.

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