One Time, One Chance

Ficly, Ficly, Ficly.
I can’t wait to endeavor into your boundless grasps of thoughts and proceedings of Ficly writers’ absurd rantings.

I’m OTOC; you may (or may not?) have encountered me from the previous site, Ficlets.
I’d like to think I’ve improved, but that’s not up to me. I can only record my growth through your (yes, YOUR!) feedback – of which I crave.

If you’re as lame and strange as I am, we’ll get along incredibly.

I’m in the LoA – but I can’t, for the life of me, remember what my title MoA stands for. Something-of-Awesomeness, for sure.

For whatever reason, you’ll likely find me writing more poems than stories.
“Because with you and me writing, 1024 characters is a sentence, not a story.”
—Leecat :)

I love vocabulary.
And philosophies.
And debates.
And Icy Tea.

Is it lame that I think I have the honor of being friends with so many people? -———→

Insert Pen Name Here said it best:
“Three cheers for the return of Ficleteers!”

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