Recently known as Punkin on Ficlet’s. I am sooo glad that Ficly is up and running.

I am a single mother of 2 who loves adventure and travel. My car started w/ 13,00o miles on it in 2006 now it has 105,000 + miles. Here’s hopin’ the little cherry red Aveo has a good engine.

I see all sorts of things on my trips and they inspire me to write.

I also have 2 children, one who loves to tell me stories. His pen name is BoyFightingDinosuar. My other child can’t write, or talk, he is autistic, but he inspires me and teaches me a lot about patience and compassion.

I live with my 2 children and my abuelita (that’s grandma) She’s 83 & quite the character. She was born in the rain forest in Honduras & didn’t even see snow until she was almost 70. She was afraid of it at first.
She’s doesn’t speak English and is a insufferabel gossip. She thinks she lives in a novella & is very dramatic about well…eveything. Some of her missteps are extremely funny.

I am a Speech Therapist. It’s fun, & I love it.
Kudos to Kevin.

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