Ahoy! Who am I? I’m just another writer who has migrated here from the retired Well, I guess when one door closes, another one opens, right?

Guess what else? I am a member of another online writing site, called Protagonize! My pen name there is SaveTheUnicorns as well!

Anyways, feel free to comment on any of my work! I love getting feedback! And if you want me to read any of your stories, just ask me! I’d be delighted to!

About me:

I am a very unique and creative human being. I value the essence of who I am. In other words, I am me; what can I say? I may seem weird and outrageous at times, but I am also loyal and trustworthy, and I will never let you down. I am a member to many online communities, and I love to go on the computer.

I’m a fairly shy individual. Sometimes I’m just in my own little world. But, for the record, I am not an outcast or a total loner. I’m just a deep thinker who ponders the essence of life. I have yet to find out what that is. However, most people have come to accept me for my uniqueness, for which I am eternally grateful.

Everyone deserves to be loved. People have accepted me for being different, and that has taught me to accept others who are different than myself. Wonderful lessons.

I also love unique clothing and jewelry! Cows are awesome too! MOOOOO!!!!! Even though I am very strange sometimes, I am still a worthwhile, intelligent, talented person.

I know not to let some people push my buttons and make me mad, even if they try to. I am a strong person, just with different strengths than others.

Since I am a hormonal teenage girl, I am occasionally prone to emotional breakdowns. But hey, it’s all good! Writing is a great outlet for me, as it helps me express my emotions. Yarn is also very nice, especially rainbow yarn.

By the way, did I mention that I totally love rainbows? Yep, that’s me, the Unique Rainbow Child. If you can’t accept and cherish me, then it’s your loss! I am proud to be me and I would never let anyone rob me of that freedom.

We must all continue in our efforts to save the unicorns! For they are God’s creatures too!

I hope you have enjoyed viewing my online profile, and feel free to visit again anytime. And remember: even in hard times like these, there is always a rainbow after every storm.

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