Born in Kansas City, Kansas, Chris Meadows spent his formative years in Jonesboro, Arkansas, followed by the small-town environment of Cassville, Missouri, before moving to Springfield to attend Southwest Missouri State University (now Missouri State University). He graduated in 1996 with a degree in Mass Media, and returned a few years later for another degree in Computer Information Systems.

Most of Chris’s professional experience is in the customer service and technical writing fields. Chris has always enjoyed writing, and has been a moderator of two separate Usenet newsgroups. His other hobbies include collecting Japanese animation and Hong Kong action cinema, roleplaying, and the computer game City of Heroes.

Chris lives in Springfield, Missouri with his two cats, Benji and Diva. He is currently helping to organize a small gaming convention, Springfield G.A.M.E., at

On the original version of Ficlets, Chris wrote many interesting tales. They may be found in the Ficlets archive.

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