I’m fighting off middle age the best I can. The hair on my head reveals the vector of the battle. Soon I’ll have to update my icon to a snowy white and concede defeat, accept middle age and get on with life. Not today, however. Today, though I struggle to remember when I find myself standing in a doorway whether I’m entering a room or just leaving, I count myself among the young.

I’m joining Ficly to prove it; to prove I’m still young; that my brain still functions creatively and with ease. Well, it functions creatively, anyway. Sometimes. On Sunday evenings just after the sun sets and I’m getting ready for bed to get up early for work the next day…

I’m kidding, of course.

In summary, I’m a married male in my fifth decade of life with two kids, no grandkids, and am still working on my bachelors degree (BS in CS). I work in IT (telecom) and have for almost three decades. Also, I like to write and like to think I do it well. At least, well enough.

That, in a nutshell, is my 1024 character bio ;)

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