I’m an impulsive, neurotic, self-absorbed, overly-sensitive, occasionally-introverted chatterbox (oxymoron’s are my forte, dude) with a penchant for using unnecessarily big words as well as a somewhat unhealthy love for crossword puzzles and Sudoku. I’m a student by day and a self-professed word-nerd (David Cook! :D) by night, as well as [occasionally] mid-afternoon.

I love to write more than just about anything, except for maybe listening to music.My personal space bubble is so small it’s almost non-existant, and as a result I tend to forget it exists and treat other people like human jungle gyms. I’ve also been described as a chipmunk hopped up on crack and a bon-bon in the same sentence, which I think says something about me, though what I’m not entirely sure.

(On a not-so-side note, I’m completely in love with My Chemical Romance/Gerard Way in a complete un-ironic (but not creepy!) way, and apparently have a thing for short, hot, tattooed dudes who can play guitar. Who’d’a thunk it?)

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