Nick Travis Clark

Hi. My name is Nick. I am 15 years old, a sophomore in high school, and the biggest band geek you will ever meet. I play percussion in the school jazz band and concert band. In marching band, I play snare drum. I am bisexual, for your knowledge, and I am in love with a boy named Kevin. Yes, I am in love. I know that’s hard to believe at 15, but I am. I’ve said I’ve loved other guys before, and a few girls, but I never really meant it. I really am in love with him. Only, here’s the problem, he’s straight. But I’m determined that if we were meant to be, then all I need to do is be patient. If not, then there’s no use in trying to make it happen sooner. <3
(Oh, and so you know, my buddy icon says “When I see your smile the tears fall down my face.”
Current series’:
Gay for You – Kevin and Nick romance
The Runaways – An adventure fic inspired by Mr. Gabriel

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