In plain terms I am Sarah. I am a junior, 16, and the now resurrected Zombie Princess of Awesomness! Read, Reply, Ficly, or Die!

My muse has been vacationing for the past year…in China. She’s learned how to speak Chinese and I don’t think she wants to switch back to English any time soon. This makes communication with her very hard as I don’t speak Chinese…but I’m trying to reconnect with her!

I’m a drama geek, nerd, dork, anything along those lines. I love writing fantasy and have trouble with limits. I have a nasty habit of writing little beginnings of things and then abandoning them. In my opinion, my beginnings are good and then everything else I write sort of diminishes the story. I’m a big fan of music also and most of my good pieces were written while listening to my favorite bands:
Tokio Hotel
Panic! at the Disco
The Holliboyz
Fall Out Boy
Adam Lambert

Comments, Sequels, and Prequels appreciated. I’d also love some good constructive criticism from everyone and anyone.

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