Hey everyone!
So glad that Ficly finally up. I’m suprised to see a character count on the bio but that’s cool. I’ve missed this SO much, you wouldn’t believe. But then again, all my fellow Ficleteers would believe because you all know what it felt like to be a part of that great community. Hopefully, we can all build something just as good, maybe even better, than Ficlets.

Now a bit about myself. I have just about graduated from high school and will be attending the University of Florida this fall. This is a new and exciting and scary expeirence for me and I can’t wait for it to start. I’m hoping to find some new inspiration for some new material.

Feel free to comment, sequel, prequel, send me a note (wait, can we still do that?) or whatever. I love getting feedback.

I apoligize ahead of time for my random comments. I just can’t help commenting sometimes. Its a sickness :)

I also have a ranting problem. I can go on and on and on and on. If it bothers you, I’m very sorry. I just can’t help it.


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