Whisper in the Wind

First thing first, I am Wiccan. If you have a problem than leave. Now then, I love to write fantasy. Romance is okay but only if it is mixed properly with the right characters and a good plot. Flat-out “lovey-dovey” I feel has become overused. Especially whenever it gets to the point of having “fangirls” and/or “fanboys”. Honestly, it’s disgusting.

My heart of writing tends to tie in with romantic scenerios and such, but it does not dominate that storyline. By long and far I prefer fantasy. Fairies, elves, ogres, dragons, kings and queens, things of that. And of course the assassins. I adore the assassins and their trickery.

I also mix in magick, but more than what there is with Wicca. Battle scenes especially. Summoners too, anything you want me to write fantasywise I will at lest try to. I dream of being a published writer, so I can’t emphasize how much your advice would be appriciated.

“Without the words than can be no authors, and without our readers words shan’t come.”
-Whisper in the Wind


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