I will tell people now my grammar does suck, but I’ve been told I’m a really good writer. I got on here to try and see how good of a writer I can be and improve as well. Cause my dream is to be a famous writer someday and I’m hoping of making it come true. I would like lots of people opinions and if you do see errors, please help me fix them.

I am 16 years old. I love hanging with my family, friends, and my boyfriend. I also get on the computer when I can, I want to be a famous writer someday. Looney tunes are my favorite TV shows to watch, also I do like anime and Manga. Random thought: Hanging out in the rain and dancing in it is really fun. Reading, playing outside, being active, role-playing, playing GBA games are my past times. My dad is my biggest hero without him I wouldn’t be where I am now. My favorite season is the fall and wolves are my favorite animals. I have the nickname of wolf or wolfy and that’s all of a name you will get out of me. byez! .

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