A Return to the Fireside

“There have been great societies that did not use the wheel, but there have been no societies that did not tell stories.” – Ursula K. LeGuin

From the earliest days of human civilization, our ancestors crouched around campfires or huddled in huts and told stories. The stories passed the time, but more than that they communicated cultural norms, taught lessons, carried forward a sense of history, and engendered a sense of commonality. Storytelling bound the tribe together, creating, reinforcing, and perpetuating a culture and a society.

In modern times we have drifted from our campfires and eschewed the communal hut. Infinitely connected through technological means we still manage to navigate life generally isolated from our fellow human beings. We seal ourselves up in automobiles. Even while walking most people in the modern urban environment either have a Bluetooth headset in or iPod earbuds. Our homes are impenetrable fortresses. Really, does anyone sit out on their porch anymore?

In our small but Ficly way let us now come back together, seek a spiritual rapprochement if you will. Come, sit by our digital campfire. Make yourself at home in the communal longhouse of the internet. Tell us your story. Remind us what it means to be a part of the larger human family once again. Let us create, let us be, let us nurture a society. A society of storytellers.

4 comments Posted 2009-05-16 Author: THX 0477


  • ElshaHawk (LoA)

    I sit on my porch! But I live in a very rural setting where it is pleasing to do so, no neighbors with loud music, guns, or foul language to muck it up!
    But porches can be a place of gathering as well. Sit a spell, drink some lemonade, share some tales..
    Ficly can be a porch too. Indeed, let us nurture our society again!

  • Lone Writer

    Yay for the Ficlets survivors!
    “In our small but Ficly way let us now come back together, seek a spiritual rapprochement if you will.”
    Favorite Line.
    I look forward to the tales we’ll all spin together.

  • Melia

    I wish I had a big old wrap-around porch upon which I would invite friends and family to gather and just hang. But since I do not, and the Internet is my home away from home, I’m with Elsha. Ficly will be my porch. I cannot express how happy I am to be in here right now. Thank you Kevin and Joe, and Jason, and Viget Labs, for opening up your porch for all of us.

  • ALRO613 (LoA)

    If I can bring back an old axiom,:
    “Read, Reply. FICLY or die!” ~ Krulltar