And We Shall Call Them...

… Stories. Yes, I know, it’s boring. You do have to agree, we are here to tell stories. If we can’t agree on that, then I doubt we’ll have much to talk about.

There’s been a lot of talk around comment threads, facebook and the support site about what exactly we should call these things we’re writing here on Ficly. I won’t go through all the permutations, but there are some creative ones out there.

There’s no getting around the fact that a great number of the Ficly community was a part of ficlets, so the urge to call these tiny bits of fiction we’re writing. If we want to call them “ficlets”, that’s fine. The name “ficlets” was borrowed from the fan fiction community to describe partial stories, so it’s not like the word can be trademarked, so you can definitely use it to describe your stories. We won’t be using it on the site to describe them, partly to avoid any possible risk of someone coming after us for infringing a trademark.

To keep this short, you are all welcome to continue calling them ficlets. It’s a perfectly good word. But, on the site and in all of our official Ficly duties, we’ll be calling them stories.

I hope that helps clear up any confusion. Now, go write some stories!


  • The Fantastic Mister Fish

    i’m glad. because i’ve come accustomed to calling them ficlets.

  • bluefish

    For those of us who weren’t part of the Ficlet site, it’s a bit of a relief to be able to just call them stories. :) At least, it is for me.

  • One Time, One Chance

    On the outside they’ll be stories.
    On the inside of every Ficleteer’s heart they’ll be Ficlets.

  • Ana Cristina

    I’m good with stories. It has a nice ring to it, ya know?

  • blusparrow (LoA)

    I agree with OTOC, and I call them ficlets out of instinct. Stories is nice if i feel like mixing it up.

  • OrangeOreos (LoA)

    I’ve been callin’em ficlies, but stories works, sure as heck. Thanks for clearing this up, Kevin!

  • dkscully

    “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
    By any other name would smell as sweet."

    Tall tales in small word counts. As long as we’re writing them, little else really matters.

  • g²LaPianistaIrlandesa

    I first saw the title and though, “Ooh, this’ll solve everything.”. Then I looked at the comments. And the debate lives on… Ah well, we’ll just have to add Ficlets/Stories/Pieces to the Great English List of Things With Multiple Names. (not such a bad title, considering I just made it up. ^^)
    Also, completely random, but the title of this post keeps reminding me of a chorus in Handel’s Mesiah (sp?): “For Unto Us” is what it is, if anybody’s curious.
    …And the government shall be upon his shoulder, and His name shall be call-ed…

  • THX 0477

    I think I was just uplifted by bluefish’s comment, cause that means we are growing beyond simply the carryover momentum from ficlets. To all those new to ficly with no history on ficlets, welcome, welcome, welcome, for you are as gold in the veins of our creative life.

  • Turtles :)

    i agree with THX… but also being a ficleteer, i do have a habit of calling these stories on here ficlets… also agreeing with OTOC here…

  • StudMuffin (LoA)

    I would just like it to be stated that it twas I who first reccommendeded the name Ficlets!