December: The End

I always find it the most difficult, but also the most rewarding, to finally write an ending to a novel. Sometimes the ending seems very far away and hard to reach. When all the loose ends are tied (or at least most of them) a satisfaction washes over you as you realize the story has come to its natural conclusion. You suddenly feel like celebrating. The freedom, the weightlessness, the happiness of being unburdened of such an overwhelming task envelops you and float to the metaphorical ceiling with joy. It reminds me of the fizzy pop Charlie and his Grandpa Joe drink in Willy Wonka’s factory.

But then your bubble pops, and you sink back down awash in the depressing reality that your new book needs major editing work. It’s a naked screaming baby that will need nurturing and discipline before you can let it out into the world beyond your word processor.

Take small comfort in the knowledge that you did it, you wrote the words that are really a new beginning: The End. Have a party, reward yourself, let the baby take a little nap.

Then crack your knuckles and a whip, and get that baby into ship shape! December means business, and January too! Gift yourself a set of colored pens, or use the highlighter and notes tools on your computers.

Happy Holidays, writers. Cheers and glad tidings. You’re going to need them.