Ficlyteers Represent!

While I take my sweet time deciding who won the blogger contest, here’s something to occupy your time. For those who don’t know John Scalzi was the original blogger for Ficlets and did a smash-up job of it. This seems like a great opportunity for you Ficlyteers, veritable masters of condensed fiction on random topics, to shine like crazy literary diamonds.


Best of luck, and if it’s not a ficlyteer who wins this I’ll be shocked beyond my capacity to articulate it.

5 comments Posted 2010-06-02 Author: THX 0477


  • Robert Quick

    That looks interesting. I have often heard of Scalzi’s Blog, usually referenced by Penny Arcade back when they were still doing their podcast. I think I can manage 2K words. It’ll be interesting having a different limit other than the 1024 character. Thank you for bringing this to our attention and may the best Ficlyteer see their work published! (And paid for)

  • Charlie K

    I read about this contest the other day! Just know that I fully intend to crush and destroy all competition. I’m already working on my story.

  • Yunalasca

    Well I suppose you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

  • Raymond Finn

    I think I’ll need to take some sort of hallucinogenic substances before that picture makes even a lick of sense.

  • Robert Quick

    I don’t know if folks are interested but there is another contest. It pays a lot less but I feel like there is more of a chance someone could win.