January: Goal Setting

New Year’s is always a time when I look at my goals. It’s important to reevaluate yourself, take stock of what you have, where you’ve been, where you want to go.
This also applies to writing.

Say you have a goal to write more, then join in AdrianHD’s Ficly a day challenge!

Perhaps you would rather edit and complete a manuscript this year to be ready to submit it.

Sorry, there’s not a Ficly challenge for that. However, there are a few blog posts to encourage you and maybe help you out.
The point is, set a goal. If it is broad and lofty, break it down into smaller chunks, like chapters, and decide where to start.

Plunge in.

Even 99 steps left is better than 100.

Focus on what you’ve already accomplished as you go and look forward to the end goal as well. Reward yourself at benchmarks.

Don’t stop.

Make your goal sweeter if you have to. Once you finish that manuscript, you will treat yourself to ice cream, a pedicure, or something else indulgent. Once you edit chapter one, you will pay yourself a dollar or two, so that by the end, you can afford that spa treatment/steak dinner/getaway.

What are your goals and how are you going to get there?


  • Robert Quick

    I am terrible at setting goals for myself and even worse at keeping them but I do accept challenges. Thank you for the blog entry, Elsha.

  • BiC

    Not only am I terrible at setting goals, I’m also really bad and accepting challenges. :) Plus, my whole ‘dedicating time to write’ ideas are quickly thrown out the window by mundane everyday doings. I admire the dedication of all you Ficly ‘regulars’, but at the same time, can only hope that I myself might aspire to be a recurring guest star from time to time. (and stop writing long weird sentences :) (with stupid smiley faces after them :) AAgggh!

  • THX 0477

    Thanks for the encouragement. Along with getting back on Ficly I’m going to do my own SoloWriMo in March and attempt to write another 50,000 word novel in that month.

    Happy Ficlying, everyone!