Follow the Stories

This morning we rolled out a couple tiny features:

  • We’re now posting all published stories and challenges to the ficlystories twitter account. So, if you’re on twitter and would like to follow along, now you can.
  • There are two little tiny links on the home page (well, if you’re signed on). If you look at the Your Recent Activity and Your Friends’ Recent Activity sections on the home page. Now, they have little “More…” links under them that will allow you to load even more stuff to look at and go read! Isn’t that exciting?!

That’s what I thought… Now, I’m going to bed. Good night, Ficly folk!


  • John Perkins

    Your link points to ficlyshow on Twitter, but I think it needs to be ficlystories.

  • Kevin Lawver

    Thanks, John! It’s fixed. I guess I really should just go to bed…

  • blusparrow (LoA)

    this is awesome Kev! i saw the more on the home page before i read this i was thinking huh has this been her before? its so cool! then i read this and was like ooooo lol.

  • THX 0477

    I love the ‘More…’ button! That’s great for those times when I wind up going a few days without checking Ficly. Yes, I know what a horrible sin that is, but life happens.

  • Stovohobo

    Awesome! I was actually going to request something like this, but I figured it was too late in the game to do it. Clicking on those stories is a big way I find other people’s stories, so this will work out wonderfully.