June: NaFicWriMo

Scrawler’s Secret began this challenge last June, so here for the second annual challenge: NAFICWRIMO!

For this challenge “National Ficly/Ficlet Writing Month” I challenge you to write one Ficly, Ficlet for older members, each day of the month of June. (Yay Summer)

The catch: None of them can be a prequel or sequel, of your own work or of others’.

This challenge is just for fun and to make you dig deep and find your original ideas hiding deep inside of you as you burrow through the words laying near the surface.

Happy writing!
If you are still attempting the ficly-a-day, each ficly can do double duty. :)

If you want to jump in and write a ficly a day, here is a new challenge just for you!


  • Lastande Sarie

    Oh, darn. I already started but didn’t know we couldn’t do pre/sequels. Guess I have some make-up work to do. ;)

  • Princess Binky Lemontwist (LoA)

    This is how I first started in Ficly. LOL! Good memories.

  • Tad Winslow

    I forgot about the no sequels prequels rule. Now I really have some catching up to do. I’m weirdly excited about NaFicWriMo this year :D I came up short last year, trying to hitch my wagon on that unfinished business energy and roll with it.

  • Robert Quick

    I’m in so much Ficly debt! But next week school is out. Then we will see.