Lowering the Brows

I’m not going to say I’m a gourmand, certainly not nearly to the levels of others in my family. Still I enjoy quality, fresh, well prepared food. Then tonight, after a tiring day, I made dinner for the kiddos and indulged myself by taking part in the feast. Twas a feast fit for college freshman or inveterate bachelor—chicken nuggets with macoroni and cheese, in a ketchup sauce.

That was mighty tasty. Low brow, really darn close to the bottom of the food hierarchy pyramid. No, not the pyramid from health class, the one with foie gras and filet mignon near the top and Ramen noodles and McDonald’s near the bottom. All the same, I enjoyed the heck out of that meal.

Why am I discussing my dinner here? Why do I discuss anything here? Why hasn’t someone shut me up yet? (Oh, that’s going to happen sooner than you might think.)

High brow as I imagine myself to be, I fear I am guilty of disregarding those ficly bits that are not of a lofty status. I miss the cheap jokes. The imagined sight gags elude me. My comments are not as effusive when the themes are common or unlightened.

In short, I’m missing out. Not everything has to be all Bronte, Longfellow, or Camus. Let us rejoice in the entire spectrum, from the lofty to the lowly, from the erudite to the crass, from the philosophical to the pedantic.

Read. Write. Comment.

Ficly or die.

17 comments Posted 2011-03-25 Author: THX 0477


  • Sir Bic

    Give me Ficly or death!

  • Horrorfan13

    I completely agree! Besides, how can anyone get better at writing if people do not comment and offer suggestions? Sometimes it’s nice not to have to think so hard about a story either. It just is there and transports us to somewhere else. Great post!

  • Mighty-Joe Young (A.K.A Strong Coffee)(LoA)

    My wife used to say that things that make you laugh are just as high an artform as things that make you cry or ponder your existance. She was at the time trying to debate how dr. seuss was more of a master than dahli.

  • ElshaHawk (LoA)

    Read, Reply, Ficly, or Die. Nuff said. raises ficly flag and salutes

  • Kihd

    AEDGHIAADGHAHGNPOOPGNDFK. Ok, third try is the charm.

    Yesterday, Ficly wouldn’t let me access the site at all until much later in the day. I would get taken to the “We’re So Very Sorry” page and all that jazz, and when I clicked on it, nothing would happen at all. I was wondering if this happened to anybody else. It wasn’t the internet connection, because my brother was able to get on other sites. Did this happen to anyone else?

  • Kihd

    When I clicked on the “Take Me To The Homepage” nothing happened. First comment was a lexical disaster.

  • Tina Murphy

    I’m ALL for lowering brows or raising them too for the right reasons. I enjoy a good chuckle, a greivious wince, the wet of a tear like the next word monger. I’m sure the long, stiff upper lip of generations of english literature teachers will curl at me saying, “Sometimes I don’t care for the classics I just want a fun, bawdy, cool tale.”

    Is that so wrong? Sacrilege? Well too bad. I thank all that we have ficly to express or limited but creative side without grade, sensor or intimidation from a higher authority. That us word junkys have somewhere to go.

    Bring on the junk food, high fat words, low nutrition content that makes me smile and say “Mmmmmmmmmmm, good stuff!”

  • ElshaHawk (LoA)

    yeah kihd, it happened to me too. But it came back up. see? :P

  • H.S. Wift

    This post really gets me on two levels. I love ficly. And I love food. Mac, cheese and chicken nuggets: The lowest brow spaghetti carbonara the world over. I too believe that comments are just as, if not, more important than the stories themselves as they are how we recieve feedback and gauge how best to improve ourselves as teh next generation of literary geniuses.

    @ Elsha, Do we actually have a flag? How do i buy one? How awesome is it?

    @Kihd, Yeah, I got that too. Pretty annoying.

  • THX 0477

    Thanks for the nice comments on the post.

    And yes, when something goes wrong with the server or anything else that is the default page while things are down. It doesn’t have anything to do with your internet connection, just a consequence of a site being hosted at low cost and run as a labor of love by people who have day jobs and other concerns.

    (Of note, as to those people what have day jobs and maintain the site I am not one of them, lest you think me guilty of self aggrandizement…you know, above and beyond my usual bombast.)

  • ElshaHawk (LoA)

    looks up the cost to create ficly flags

  • Kihd

    Ok, just wondering. Thanks for the replies. :B

  • Akheloios

    Would it be cheaper if we just used the flag of a random country? I think Bhutan is nice.

  • Kihd

    I kind of like the Italian flag. shrugs

  • H.S. Wift

    I vote for using the flag of the moon.

  • ElshaHawk (LoA)

    @Akhelios well, it would A LOT simpler. :P

  • 32 Squared

    Maybe my SpongeBob challenge response might cheer you up?