Some Tweaks and Bits

I finally did something! I know, it’s crazy, but I finally set aside some time this weekend to make some minor updates and fixes. Things have been so crazy at work that the last thing I’ve wanted to do is write even more code. But, you guys have been really patient, and it’s been too long since we made any fixes around here.

Here’s what’s happened:

  • Jason made a bunch of UI changes that I just haven’t installed because there was a minor issue with Safari and Chrome. I fixed that one small issue, so all of his changes are now in. I honestly am not sure exactly what he did, but I think everything still works.
  • The home page you see when you’re signed in now tells you when the last comment was added. Someone on Get Satisfaction asked for it, and it was easy, so I went ahead and did it.
  • We’re now upgraded to the last version of Rails before 3.0. The Rails 3 upgrade is going to take a lot more work. I just wanted to get the latest security fixes and make sure things still worked.
  • The tag view pages should be a lot faster. I also added some database indexes so various other pages should be snappier as well.
  • It’s now easier to delete stories. As long as it’s not a prequel or sequel and doesn’t have any prequels or sequels, you can delete it. That should cut down on support issues.
  • And lastly, I removed the link to the Inspiration “coming soon” alert. It was just mean and stretched the definition of “soon”. It was time to admit defeat. I’m not going to get the Inspiration page done any time soon, and it was cruel to keep leading you on (I swear my intentions were good).

And, that’s it for now. I should have some more time over the summer to clean up more stuff, upgrade to Rails 3 (and a new authentication process that will allow you to finally create a username and password if you want, and allow you to have multiple authentication options so you could have a single account with a bunch of different identities associated with it), and maybe, just maybe, some real new features and some of the things you’ve asked for over the past year.


  • THX 0477

    Sounds very technical, but kudos to you for finding the time to make some updates. I love that Google chrome informs me that your status update is written in the style of Dan Brown. I find that amusing.

  • Sir Bic

    Six “hurrahs” for Kevin! Thank-you for your kind attention in these matters, O Ficly Facilitator-Extraordinaire. Does flattery inspire motivation? – Speaking of “inspiration”, I never thought of the “coming soon” note as a cruel joke but more of a confidence builder saying: “Don’t worry; something will inspire you.” The authentication updates planned for the summer will be very useful and much appreciated.

  • Kevin Lawver

    It’s unfortunately a matter of time and energy. I’m plenty motivated but work and family come first and they take a lot of time and energy. Now that I have things working locally again and a bunch of little bugs fixed, it should be easier to get the “big” stuff done. Unfortunately it’s hard to do the big stuff 5 minutes at a time.

  • H.S. Wift

    Awesome for the updates. I kinda miss the inspiration button if only cos every now and then I like to be able to click a button that does nothing. I guess I’ll just have to repeatedly click the ‘latest’ button on webcomics whilst being on the last page. Also, now there’s a big gap in the action bar. Between browse and the seach bar there is just some empty red space. We either need more stuff or a longer search bar. Or both.

    Still, gratz on not looking lazy and/or incompetent, Kevin. We appreciate the hard work you’ve put in.

  • zxvasdf

    I don’t seem to be able to submit a challenge… Everything works, but I can’t click the button. The mouse hovers above the button which taunts me with its unclickability.

  • Kevin Lawver

    That’s definitely a problem. I can’t fix it now, but I’ll try to get it taken care of tonight. Thanks for letting me know!

  • Scrawler's Secret

    One thing you definately have on this site that creators of other sites don’t often have. You have respect from the users of the site. Thats why I followed here from when ficlets closed.

  • HSAR

    Good of you to let us know what’s going on. Thanks for the hard work maintaining the site!

  • Kevin Lawver

    The challenge submit button issue has been fixed. Can you check it out and let me know if you’re still having a problem?

  • Construct of a Mind


    I just want to say thanks. For the budding author in me, I’ve really appreciated what Ficly is and what it does. And as a community, you couldn’t ask for nicer people (usually).

    With that said, I’ll let you get back to leading a glamorous life of line after line of black on white. Because, after all, you’re an author, too. Just of a different nature.

    Thanks again,