Sequels Are Awesome!

I don’t know about you, but I am heaving a huge sigh of relief over the completion of NaFicWriMo.

Some of the things felt rushed and I learned that I prefer to take my time and craft a story, really fall in love with it, over having a deadline and some pressure. The most the deadline did for me was nag at me to do something.

I picked up the proverbial pen and spewed forth words, but without the quality I desire for every piece. Some of them felt flat. That’s okay.

June is over. So let us move forward to the new challenge: SEQUELS
Go back over your NaFicWriMo entries, or even old Ficlies if you missed the June fun, and let the real gems inspire you to add more. I know I have a few.

If you can’t find any, go find someone else’s story and sequel them. EVEN IF a sequel already exists! This is what ficly is designed for: multiple threads of one story.

Perhaps you read a story and thought, “The ending is way too happy.” Or your mind invented a new character or twist to add. If any story has a sequel and it does not satisfy, write your own!

As an author, the best compliment is when someone adds to a work I started. It means I wrote something compelling enough to inspire another person.



  • neil kant

    Cool, I hadn’t realized there were multiple sequels possible.

  • Scrawler's Secret

    Love it! Add new fodder and make it grow!

  • kyle90

    I missed the last two days of NaFicWriMo due to being extended-ly AFK and… AFI? (Away From Internet). I’ve got a couple of story ideas that I’d like to use to catch up, and perhaps I’ll have to go back and write some sequels or tie-ins…

  • Abby (LoA)

    I didn’t manage to do more than one story for NaFicWriMo – and it was a poem at that (shakes head). Ah well, I vow to read, write, comment and rate harder than ever before from this moment on!

  • Tad Winslow

    Can’t deny the awesomeness of sequels. It’s always a fun surprise to get one.

    Look out Ficly Nation— your story might just get Tad-a-nized!

  • Jae

    In light of the spirit of sequeling, let’s not forget the history-altering, mind-bending and compelling nature of prequels. I often find myself more hesitant to prequel a story because I fear the author of the original might disagree with my ideas for a precursor.

    To combat this, I created the Prequel War challenge. It’s off to a great start, and provides enough structure to avoid such worries. We’d love more participants!

  • Kihd

    beep boop baddop bop bow