The Day We Stop Listening

Life consists of comings and goings, an endless string of interactions, reactions, and action. Wave by wave we navigate a life of coexistence. Upon this sea of humanity we see reflections of ourselves, projections of our introspection tinted and warped by the hue of the other person. Back and forth reality bobs in the midst of a near-constant negotiation and re-negotiation of what is and what is not, both within ourselves and at large.

You can talk and talk, paddle your little boat of self on a course that seems wise to you. Endless promulgation of your own point of view however is a one way journey with little point to, the final destination either delusion or misanthropy. Slowly, without any give and take, the multiform and delightfully, ruefully, bizarrely altered images shown back to us become staid and rote doppelgangers of what we already think and feel.

Living is in the evolution required by seeing the world not as we choose or as we might like but as a place made up of disparate individuals, each with their own truth, trying to come to common ground on the shift waters of reality. Loving is in the adaptations required by seeing ourselves not as the ideal of our dreams but as the beautifully flawed, tragically wonderful people others come to know and love. Inescapably, we must pause in our headlong flight from one coast to the next and listen, find that space of calm, and really listen. The connection must be maintained to the greater whole, to humanity. Without it we are specks upon the face of an endless ocean, tiny tyrants of individual, stagnant principalities of one.

The day we stop listening is the day we die.

5 comments Posted 2010-11-06 Author: THX 0477


  • H.S. Wift

    A touching, beautiful sentiment. It has a wonderful message. I think. Not sure I got it. Not gonna give a clear viewpoint in case I’m wrong.

  • The Squibz

    Please, correct me if I misinterpret what you are attempting to convey, but, are you not simply addressing the individuals and free-thinking minds out there to be “wrong”, or, “incorrect”? And are you implying that the masses of people that share a common, “lemming-like” thought process to be “right”, or, “correct” in their beliefs and daily actions?

  • ElshaHawk (LoA)

    I agree.
    We have to listen to the still small voice of soul within us that tells us who we are. Even if part of that description comes from how others see us “as the beautifully flawed, tragically wonderful people others come to know and love”. Here you say ‘Love Begets Love’. We are a spark to ignite another’s self love, so they may love.
    So the talkers who never listen to others soon see the negative aspects of their own personalities reflected back at them and they wonder why the world is so cold.
    And yet the sea we navigate is stormy and rough, bringing us near and carrying us away from all kinds of people.
    Therefore it is our duty to not be the mirror, but to be the arms that hug and the smile that shows love.
    But where did this come from? I am out of the loop with nano if something on here is driving you to post a “let’s be a better comunity” post..

  • THX 0477

    I think Elsha got the overall message. It’s not about groupthink being right or individuality being wrong. The point is that self-absorption is tantamount to death.

    And nothing driving it other than my own semi-senseless musings on life. Worry not.

  • ElshaHawk (LoA)

    Well i had to read it 3 times to really grasp the full meaning, i was lost in the waves for bit! i’m glad the ficly community is doing okay.. it is nano.. and pretty quiet in here..