We Will Be Awesome!

Stumbling to the top of the highest hill overlooking a valley dark with spilled ink and good intentions, staggers a lone, short figure resolute in her duty. With her remaining strength she works, unfurling a blood and sweat soaked, frayed and muddied standard. Threading its eyelets along the clip of a giant pen with numb fingers, she sways in exhaustion. Finished, she checks her ties and with a gutteral yell the whole valley can hear, she thrusts the giant ballpoint tip into the soft earth.

A stiff breeze catches the fabric and a standard proclaims the victors of a hard fought battle.


Slowly, figures climb the hill to salute the standard, recoup, and help each other honor the flag of their freedom. Freedom to comment. A pledge for cooperation. A talisman for Awesomeness.

The lone figure has fallen to the ground. She only begins to rise when a chorus of voices chants:

“We will look outward, see the works of others, and comment constructively upon them! Our works and our blood shall run together, sequel upon sequel, prequel upon prequel; the lone series be damned! We will be awesome!”

A smile creeps across her face as hands reach to prop her up. A cup of water is placed to her lips and the chant repeats, growing with intensity. More and more voices make the climb and join in.

By the time the chant is a deafening roar, the girl is able to stand. The crowd cheers and hoists her high, a parade heading off to the medic tent where cursors blink a tantalizing rhythm upon blank rectangles framed in red and white. Vitality restored by unity, inspiration, and the healing touch of a long lost muse awaits.

Join in the Awesomeness! The League o’ Awesomeness needs you! In the timeless words of the Grand Marshall “The League o’ Awesomeness is not a label; it’s what you do. Membership is not on a roster; it’s in your heart.”