Why Can't This Happen For Ficly?

Not much action over on the forum, so you must all be gearing up for Nano! Either that or ‘Occupy-ing’ your town…but enough political yammering, this is a writing site!
Back to the forum, 32 Squared shares a link that is truly inspiring. A story that first appeared as comments on has become a movie!

There are countless ficly series’ that deserve a movie! I agree with Squared:

“Why can’t this happen for ficly?”
I want to note for those that do not realize it, that ficly is licensed under creative commons and therefore our published works can be adapted, shared and commercialized, as long as whatever results is licensed as ‘creative commons attribution’. (correct me if I am wrong)

Handy slide show explaining creative commons licenses:

Thus why Warner had to purchase the rights, anything you publish online has copyright, unless you make it creative commons. Attribution means your name should be mentioned as the author of the original work.

I don’t know how Warner got wind of that story, but that kind of opportunity is truly inspiring. If you and I just keep typing and posting and creating, maybe our works will travel down the internet superhighway to the eyes of someone willing to make something great out of it. Exciting?? I think so.

“Just keep writing and developing and living.” -Betsy Lerner, agent. (Part of my favorite quote of hers taped to my wall.)


  • Abby (LoA)

    Ooh definately very exciting. There’s so much talent and potential in this site that it would be great to be able to share it with the wider world.
    Abby x

  • THX 0477

    Hope springs eternal and is a nice thing to have in ample supply. I actually did take a series from ficlets (may it rest in peace) and expanded it into a short novel. Possibilities are endless, so let’s keep writing and see what happens.

  • Concerned Reader

    The problem is, Reddit has a massive user base, which producers see as marketing potential. Ficly is still relatively unknown, so even if the stories are better, producers only see the dollar signs.

  • ElshaHawk (LoA)

    I say, take your works from here, expand them, and submit them wherever you can. Keep looking for opportunity.

  • 32 ^2

    This may be a great opportunity for me to mention again, Ficly has a difficult system of finding one thread. Should an outsider land in the middle of a Ficly story, how can they find the story’s thread? At this moment, the only way is tags. I’ve worked with a couple other writers. For instance, myself, Catcher in the Why and Infinity collaborated. If you load and click on the tag 26919, the entire thread is your search result.

    Ficly really needs to address this issue, there are some stories I’ve tried to find the beginning to but never have, I can only climb down the tree so far and then get stuck on a branch that goes off in another direction.

  • ElshaHawk (LoA)

    This is a great time to also remind everyone that ideas like this can also be shared on the Get Satisfaction page. Check it out, because your idea might already be on there.
    Our wonderful web-creators have day jobs and try their best to keep ficly running in their spare time. They will one day address your concerns, but please be patient!
    The tag tip is fabulous (one in which I myself need to rectify)! So, yes, a series may be too much work for a movie producer to click through and become inspired, but it’s how we roll.

  • The Fantastic Mister Fish

    reddit is for scrubs