Will You Be My Friend?

It’s the time of year for reflection…

This year was the first that many of my good friends made right here have abandoned our personal chats for their academic pursuits.

This is the first year I feel alone.

Granted, it was always going to happen, all of us being from separate countries and states. Life events were going to get in the way. Even knowing that could not ease the sting.

We’ve always said how much ficly was like a family; the way we really got to know one another, wrote each other into series’, noted back and forth, commented on each others works. We held together while the old site died and this new one was born, then again as the first wave of newbies joined in and ruffled feathers, or others spammed the place up. We stayed in touch during Nano and supported each other when our muses failed.

I miss that.
I never intend for this to be a place gathering cobwebs, and neither should you!

Reach out to each other, comment, rate, review, note, and invite someone to chat. Have I made new friends this year? Yes indeed! Does that mean any of them have taken the place of my old friends? Not in the slightest. I love you all just as much today as ever!

2012 shall be a year of forging new friendships. I will never ever forget the old, nor be unwelcome to renewing contact. My note box is always open.

I’ve noticed a few of the new members have been reluctant to add friends on ficly, unsure what that means. Nothing so deep as I make it sound. It means that their activity will show up on your homepage so you can stalk, I mean follow, all of their wonderful stories and comments. It’s pretty impersonal.

If you want to note someone, do so. Who knows? You might make a friend.


  • The Fantastic Mister Fish


  • August 2nd

    Friendships are like handshakes. Some are strong, a positive measure of the confidence of the bond. Some are weaker, and leave you wanting something more. Some are sweaty, and I’ll let you figure out what means.

  • Robert Quick

    Don’t worry Elsha (and any other writers who care), I got a laptop for Christmas to replace the one that was stolen. In short- I am back.

  • 32 ^2

    Yeah Robert, I’ve missed your stories!

  • boxofun

    With a post like that, you’re going to end up with the whole of Ficly in your friends list! Not that that’s a bad thing.

  • Sage Autumn

    ;/ don’t know how to start making friends on here! Ooooooh well! I’m hot, I’m cold… one day I flow, for weeks, I am STONE COLD!

  • Robert Quick

    @ Sage Autumn- It’s easy! Just interacting with people will net you friends- posting comments (constructive or complimentary), sending notes, entering challenges, and most of all WRITING! The more you write, the more people will notice. Responding to this blog was a good first step.

  • Sage Autumn

    @Robert Quick Thank you! :0. been writing my butt off now haha…not all perfect, but I am starting to get the hang of…only being able to use 1024 spaces…

  • Sage Autumn

    Then again, If I wrote perfect, I probably wouldn’t be here…thanks Happy New Year all!

  • Mazurka

    I’d friend (stalk) people, except that I have enough free time to check this site daily anyhow.

  • Ambrosia Dawn

    I second Robert Quick’s comment about constructive criticism. I’m sure all writers can see their own flaws as clear as day and don’t need help beating ourselves up about them! I shall endeavour this year to write, comment and friend more ficly members. I noticed that I have less than a handful, which is a shame, so thank you for pointing this out. It’s great to have an interactive note book like this where I can jot down ideas and be inspired by other morsels of creativity.

  • Wednesday [PJ] ((LoA))

    J. A. Keane entered Modern Movie Haiku into Public Service Announcement .
    J. A. Keane wrote Modern Movie Haiku.
    Robert Quick entered A Work Perk into Get Under My Skin.
    Robert Quick wrote A Work Perk.
    J. A. Keane entered THE FACE. into Get Under My Skin.
    J. A. Keane wrote THE FACE..
    Robert Quick posted a comment on StudMuffin (LoA)’s challenge Get Under My Skin.
    Robert Quick entered Put Your Fear Away into Public Service Announcement .
    Robert Quick wrote Put Your Fear Away.
    K-Jellybean created a challenge Animal Diary.
    Robert Quick entered Angels and Crows into The Death of Col. Mustard.
    Robert Quick wrote Angels and Crows.
    K-Jellybean entered Adam and Eve [Disturbing Challenge] into Get Under My Skin.
    K-Jellybean wrote Adam and Eve [Disturbing Challenge].

    That’s my feed. Where’s the comments?! Obviously not only these people are at fault but still, that was over a number of hours.

  • Wednesday [PJ] ((LoA))

    When I write something, I always try to leave 5-10 comments beforehand or afterwards. It’s fair to the site and to the users. Otherwise it’s just loads of stories and no one reading them.

  • Wednesday [PJ] ((LoA))

    PS. I’m sad I can’t be active so much anymore. I’m still a part of the ficly family, just now I’m feeling more and more of a second cousin twice removed. Sorry. X

  • Abby (LoA)

    OK i’ll try and come back. I love everyone on this site and they’ve all been here for the majority of my teenage years (even if I do tend to stray from the nest every now and then). I miss the old times though =( Abby x

  • Brebelles {LoA}

    I need to make time to comment… I miss doing so. :O

    I hate feeling like I’ve abandoned this place that took me in when I didn’t know how to speak my mind, or let those who know me in to my mind.

    Thanks Elsha<3

  • ElshaHawk (LoA) For those of you who want to share, or maybe just read about, the love and friendship and support of Ficleteers. Thanks @Abby Wall!

  • Abby (LoA)

    thanks for the mention elsha =)

  • someday_93

    I need to make more time to be around here.
    That you say that kind of makes me sad… please don’t look at it as me abandoning you.
    And if you do… it’s me abandoning everyone. I’ve hardly had time for my own life, academically I’m not doing so hot right now. I just want to get through this year.
    I love you all. What PJ said though, about being some sort of cousin… I shall try to do better, I will!
    I miss this family.